TRX Equipment Workout and FREE Giveaway

Today we’re going to do a TRX equipment review and look at TRX workouts that you can do outdoors, plus I’m going to get started on a FREE giveaway. We’ve been lucky here at TT Headquarters to be given three TRX’s. I use one out on the farm, as you can see from the photo to the left…more about those outdoor TRX workouts in a minute. But back to the giveaway…

This was all part of a mix-up we had at the First Ever Turbulence Training Summit back in August. I had contacted the TRX company and they agreed to donate two TRX’s for giveaways at the event. However, the TRX’s didn’t show up. Uh-oh, and we didn’t find this out until after I announced from stage that we were going to raffle-off the two (non-existent) TRX’s.

But no worries, our winners, Certified Turbulence Trainers Scott Rawcliffe and Brian Kalakey still received their prizes. We just shipped those up ourselves, thanks to Lesa Gutenkunst in the TT customer service department.

A week later the TRX company apologized and shipped me THREE TRX’s, shirts, and wall mounts. So NOW it is time to give away these three new pieces of equipment so that you can do TRX workouts in your home or backyard. I use a TRX almost once per week, whenever I take Bally the Dog out for a visit to the farm. Combined with my extensive collection of kettlebells, I can always do a great workout without going to the gym.

Now you might be wondering, what the heck does TRX stand for anyway? I had to look this up online myself, but it simply stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. I guess TBRE didn’t sound as cool as TRX…and well, I agree, it certainly doesn’t.

There are dozens of TRX exercises you can do. And while I’m a bit of a meathead and exercise snob, and I don’t do a lot of lower body work with the TRX, I really enjoy bodyweight rows of all kinds, the TRX bodyweight triceps extension, and the TRX strap fallout. Those are my three favorite, but as you’ll see in a second, I put together entire TRX workouts sometimes on the farm.

But first, let’s take a look at where I workout when I’m using the TRX equipment in my outdoor workouts. There are a couple of places I can hang up my TRX equipment, and to be honest, neither are perfect. To do a real great TT meathead TRX workout that focuses on the upper body and arms, I have to take the equipment down to a local soccer pitch.

At home on the farm, I use a laundry pole and a tree. That’s right, the picture to my left shows the TRX supported by a pole that is mainly used for my mom’s clothesline. It’s been there for over 40 years, and really only had that one use…until I strapped the TRX to it.

However, it’s not great for rows. It is good for TRX Y’s and T’s, as well as the TRX bodyweight triceps extension, and it’s okay for a standing ab fallout. This is where I’ll finish off the TRX workout that I do with kettlebells and my power wheel as well.

But I start the TRX training session with my TRX hung from a tree. This allows me to do a variety of bodyweight rows. As you can see, I need a slight boost to get into position to throw the TRX over the tree branch, and guess what I use?

If you answered a “metal pail”, you’re only part right, because that metal pail is also the lid for my mom’s compost bucket (the green bucket to the right of the tree). So it’s a little stinky and gross when I take the lid off it. Yep, pure farming TRX training. You can also see a field of soybeans in the background there, ready for harvest.

So that’s where I do my rows. And all of this is, of course, done under the watchful eye of my TRX personal trainer, who you can see below. He likes to bark out orders, and will reward you with a face lick for a good set and a job well done.

I wouldn’t call him the most conventional personal trainer in the world, but he does have six pack abs, so I listen to him. Alright, so let’s look at the actual workout I’d do with TRX exercises in the backyard. I’ll also give you an alternative total body workout.

My TT Meathead TRX Workout – Do 3 sets of 8-15 reps per exercise.

1A) Kettlebell Overhead Press
1B) TRX Bodyweight Row or Pullup

2A) TRX Bodyweight Triceps Extension
2B) TRX Y’s and T’s

3A) Power Wheel Handwalk
3B) TRX Biceps Curl

4A) TRX Ab Fallout
4B) Power Wheel Pike

That’s good fun, and a great Friday upper body metabolic resistance training workout done on the farm. You can add intervals at the end, or bodyweight cardio circuits, or jump rope, or some type of workout finisher if you want.

Alternatively, here’s a total body workout that gives you more fat loss and conditioning. You’ll do 3 sets of 8-20 reps per exercise here.

1A) Kettlebell Swings or Snatches
1B) TRX Chin-up

2A) TRX Atomic Pushup
2B) TRX Bodyweight Row

3A) TRX Bulgarian Split Squat
3B) TRX Ab Fallout

4A) TRX Bodyweight Triceps Extension
4B) TRX Y’s and T’s

Now that is good times. Again, add bodyweight circuits or intervals. I like to do sprints across this big lawn for conditioning, although my trainer is always jumping all over me – literally – during that phase of the workout.

So here’s the bottom line. You can use TRX equipment anytime, anywhere. Soldiers use them in the desert, I use them on the farm, and yes, lots of personal trainers use them in gyms too.

And now here’s YOUR chance to have your very own TRX at your house to use however you want.

To qualify to win, just write in the comments section below why YOU deserve to have a TRX equipment piece at your house and how you would use it in your Turbulence Training fat loss program.

Looking forward to your story and contest entry. I’ll pick the winner of our first TRX giveaway on Tuesday, October 4th.

Now that was one unique TRX equipment review,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

154 Responses to “TRX Equipment Workout and FREE Giveaway”

  1. Butch Greene says:

    I’m a busy father of two with a bum shoulder who can’t do much in the realm of heavy lifting. I’ve taken to doing lots of body weight exercises and “Natural Movement” exercises on the trails near my work. Even with all of the variety, it’s still challenging to maintain interest.

    My back yard is a virtual jungle gym for me and my kids. The TRX would be a perfect centerpiece that would allow me to workout AT home, not just on the trails on on the carpet.

  2. Tim Hunt says:

    I would put the TRX into my TT workouts as a great addition but also as a “no excuses coach” for when I travel. I love kettlebells as well, but their not that great to bring with you on a plane. A TRX will ensure I have no excuses to laze about and skip workouts while I travel (as I have done that in the past). I’ve seen many hotel gyms, and it’s virtually impossible to do a decent TT workout there, which is one of the lame excuses I’d make! Bodyweight training makes for a good substitute to using hotel “gyms,” but once again, you can’t cover every movement pattern with just your bodyweight, like the vertical and horizontal pulls. Not can a TRX cover those exercises, but also make basic bodyweight exercises much more challenging, which I love!

    Whenever I’m not travelling, I would simply integrate the TRX into the TT kettlebell revolution workouts. I’ve wanted to try it out for a long time. Unfortunately, non of my local fitness stores carry it. Not too sure why. But I am chomping at the bit to start!

  3. Danavir says:

    Hey Craig, Awesome Post.

    The reason why I think I should win the TRX is because I’m an 18 year old aspiring strength & conditioning coach, who needs multiple ways to train athletes without spending the amount of money it takes to buy dumbbells, kettelbells, barbells…etc

    Bodyweight training is freaking awesome but a TRX just makes it AMAZING. Intelligent training with a TRX handy will get any of my combat athletes and fat loss clients, fun and extremely effective.

    Right now I’m saving up all I can to get the essentials in training equipment and still have money to continue my education and become the best trainer with the best gym in the world.

    One piece of equipment like the TRX can help. A lot. I LOVE bodyweight training and I can’t train anyone without at least half of their program with bodyweight exercises. Pushups, squats, and all that good stuff. But when your talking about atomic pushups and ab fallout’s, now the training changes, including the atmosphere.

    I would really love a TRX as one of my main pieces of equipment starting out (at a park) and keep it a mainstay until I can buy even more once I own a facility.

    I really do think a TRX will help me a lot and I deserve to have one, not for myself, but to use it intelligently and get athletes and regular clients the best workouts of their lives!

    Thanks Craig!

  4. Bob Austin says:


    I deserve to have a TRX trainer at my house because in the next few weeks I will become a father for the second time and now have two children under the age of 3.

    Due to time constraints with work and family, I have found it bard to make it to the gym over the last few months, and I can only do so much with my 35 pound kettlebell.

    I would use the TRX unit to help facilitate greater gains in fat loss, balance, and coordination, while allowing me to continue to have the most amount of time with my growing family because I will be able to incorporate it into TT programs at home.


    Bob Austin

  5. Dan says:

    A guy at my gym asked me to oil his back the other day. That was a sign that I needed to switch it up and start working out at home. TRX would be perfect. I have a kettlebell and do a bunch of your bodyweight routines. The TRX would allow me to not have to say “no” to Mr. Back Oiler for awhile.

  6. nelson says:

    i deserve one because i need better variations nd it will improve my posture nd give me core strenght thats out of this world nd the varistions of this exercise i will increase strenght all over not just core.i would use this to hlpe me lose fat by doing intervals nd bodyweight workouts on it nd with TRX u involve more muscle thus i get a better workout nd burn more calories to get a great afterburn

  7. Angela says:

    I would love love LOVE to have a TRX! I am a stay-at-home Mom of 5 children (ages 2-10) and I workout at home every morning before breakfast with the little people all around me. I do not have a lot of equipment, so I know that a TRX would be a great addition to my “home gym”. 🙂 I am committed to working out and maintaining my level of fitness to keep up with my kids, 4 of whom are boys, & TT workouts have been a part of this equation for the last 4 years. My boys think it’s pretty cool that I can keep up with them, play soccer with them, and still beat them in foot races. 🙂

  8. lisa blevins says:

    I can’t honestly say I deserve a TRX. But, if I had one I could help a lot of people with their fat loss goals. This Spring, I started training clients using many of the workouts you’ve promoted from TT, Max Workouts, Kettlebell Revolution and the Finishers. We’ve made terrific progress. To another point, they’ve proven no matter where you are in life, you can get into shape and you can lose weight. [my clients range in age from early 20s to 60s] With my own TRX I can be more flexible not only in program design but in location. Instead of being gym-bound, I can take it outdoors or even meet them at home. Regardless of whether I’m selected or not, the give-away is a terrific idea.

  9. Amy Kirsch says:

    I recently discovered I am severely insulin resistant and have turned over a new leaf. I am a TT subscriber and use it in tandem with Isabel’s diet solution. I think the TRX would be the perfect trifecta to managing and reversing my condition! I’ve invested in weights, kettlebells and (sadly) a shakeweight, but the TRX would max out my workouts and help me to become even stronger than I’m feeling from intermediate TT workouts. I want to explore new ways to workout, be strong, and get others on the health plan!

  10. Kerry says:

    Using the TRX…which I love, combined with your Metabolic Resistance Training…which I love, would be a kick butt fat blaster! As far as I can see, I am the first one to comment…that’s also a good reason. Remember a while back you asked for favorite ab exercises…you posted the “oblique tuck circles” on your list that went out by email…that was my reply to your question…that’s another good reason! 🙂

  11. Russ Gallivan says:

    Mobility + balance = a better athlete. The TRX is a great tool to develop the complete athlete. By doing a mix of athletic based movement such as (single leg squats while using a med ball) you will improve your athletic development. The progressions are endless!! Plus, you can turn any workout into a metabolic challenge by messing with the timing.

  12. I would love the opportunity to use a TRX system and our fitness facility. We offered membership, personal training, classes, massage therapy, expos, seminars, a running club, and soon a cross-training for the off-season for triathletes. What makes us unique in our area is that you are not required to have a membership to make use of our many community relevant opportunities. We strive to teach poeple to leave well and value their health and wellness.

    Please feel free to email me for more information about our wellness hub!

    Thank you-
    Kristin Nelson, BS, CPT-M
    My BodyShop Fitness Center
    Delano, MN, USA

  13. Humphrey Liu says:

    I’m a busy dad of 2 boys, with little time or energy to go to a gym early in the morning or late in the evening (when the kids aren’t up). I’ve started your (fantastic) bodyweight TT program at home or when the kids and I go to the park (monkey bars make for great equipment). I think the TRX would be perfect for our small condo especially when the snow hits here in Toronto!
    Thanks for the chance to enter your contest.

  14. joshua says:

    I hesitate to say I deserve a trx (tbre) more than anyone else, but I have spent the past 4 years transforming my self through self inspection and physical activity. Weighing in @ 340 pounds and feeling like I had hit the lowest point in my life, I began working out @ a gym and committed to a routine of exercise and healthy eating. At that weight any phyical activity was sure to result in weight loss. Since then I have shed 140 pounds and ran my first marathon @ 200 pounds. The use of the trx at the gym allowed me to train functionally and metabolically. I have now dedicated my life to keeping myself in the best possible shape while helping others transform themselves as a personal trainer. A trx would be an incredibly usefull piece of equipment to help my clients and myself on this continuous path.
    My favorite trx workout:
    rows; pistol squats; atomic pushups; bulgarian split squats; mountain climbers; delt t’s/y’s; fallouts; leg curl/ extensions
    Each exercise done for time with kettlebell swings, rope undulations and speed ladder drills done for time between each trx exercise.
    Depending on the client, I manipulate the the work to rest ratio.

  15. Concetta says:

    Thanks for the contest Craig. I would love to be able to use the TRX in the park across from my house. It would be a great addition to my regular TT workouts during the week. Fat burning on the weekend, nothing better!

  16. Adam says:

    Hey Craig!

    I’m a big fan of your workout programs. I’ve been doing different versions of the TT workouts for years, and I’m loving the new metabolic finishers series.

    I’m a writer and a filmmaker, and I work a lot with youth. Because of my work, I’m always on the road, trying to create a new routine in unfamiliar surroundings. I use your bodyweight circuits as much as possible, but the TRX would allow me to incorporate more challenging exercises into my routine.

    It’s been a couple of years since I started doing your routines shedding weight, and living a more healthy lifestyle. Since I work with youth, I have a heightened awareness of my role as a community leader. My continuing quest toward a higher degree of health and a more balanced lifestyle is a way of role-modeling by doing. I know that they see my determination and my success and it makes them believe that they can also succeed.

    Having the TRX would allow me to bring my routine with me anywhere I go, and give a stronger element of consistency to what I do.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


  17. Daniel says:

    I deserve a TRX because Scott Rawcliffe won one (even though I think it was fixed)and well it’s my turn now to win something 🙂

  18. Jim Vellenga says:

    Why I deserve a TRX, well, I don’t know if I deserve one. Why I would like to have one is that is would add another dimension of challenge to my workouts. I workout at home, and while the two dog leashes work for suspension exercises, unless I want to be found with my feet trapped in them, an exercise that requires putting my feet in the straps becomes an exercise of patience, contortion, and more often than not, frustration. Hence, I don’t do half the suspension stuff I would like to. A set of actual TRX staps would be a real benefit to me both physically and mentally.

  19. Donna says:

    Hi Craig

    I am currently doing the TT transformation contest and I have already lost 10lbs. I have been a stay home mom with my two toddlers for the past 4 1/2 years. I will be starting a new job in a few weeks and will probably have harder time getting to the gym. If I had a TRX I can do my workouts at home on days when I am crunched for time. I don’t really have extra resources to invest in gym equipment, all I have are 1 stability ball and a few light dumbells.

    If I had a TRX I can continue my transformation progress with the exercises you recommend. I would really love to have one to continue challenging my body and achieve the best body transformation.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win such an amazing invention.


  20. Peter Huang says:

    I would give my TRX to my sister, who is out of shape and doesn’t really take care of herself. An excuse she always uses is she doesn’t have room or equipment and doesn’t want to go to a gym. I think she would like the kind of things that can be done with a TRX and hope it can be the first step for her on the road to fitness.

  21. Meredith says:

    Well I dont know about deserving. I’m 29 and my weight has always been a struggle but body weight training has seemed to help a lot. But it would be useful to have since I have a shoulder that I’ve been trying to work out so I can at least do a pull up, which I’ve never been able to do, and I’ve had to do physical therapy on it, the doctor says I can hyper extend it like a professional baseball player but that’s probably not a good thing. Then there was the car accident which nearly crushed me in half but mainly damaged my hip. So more physical therapy for that. Makes it just that much harder. Combined with chodromalacia patella, I’m pretty much falling apart, or so it feels like sometimes. But it’s all a matter of building up the muscles. As I am also recently got my master’s in International Development, and most likely will be traveling to a country with no gyms, to help create sustainable economies, or better governments, I would like to maintain and be able to continue towards better fitness to sustain my body, and lessen pain while in these areas.

  22. Jim says:

    I would use them at the office…indoors during the winter, outdoors during the summer, getting my coworkers to get in shape along with me and answering questions about (and making referrals for) TT. Doing Lots of TT Bodyweight workouts (including bw cardio) … Would benefit from the addition of TRX. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Brandi says:

    Hey Craig-
    I have been telling my husband how much I want a TRX, so I am very excited that you are giving one away! I hurt my back about a year and a half ago and have been working hard to strengthen my core so that I don’t have to ever go through that pain and rehabilitation again. In addition to all of your great workouts, the TRX is a great way to develop and maintain core strength! I am a busy mom of two sets of twins (yes, I said 2 sets) so having a TRX would allow me to workout at home and help assure that I NEVER hurt my back again!

  24. Troy says:

    I would like to be considered for my own TRX as I have used one since I have been deployed to Iraq and it has given me an additional way of keeping in shape when I can’t always get to the gym. I would use it at home to suppliment my own exercise program and would also be able to use it with my two teenage boys as a father and son activity. Thanks for the constant encouragement through your emails and website.

  25. Sherry says:

    Not sure I can say that I deserve a TRX…but am sure I would be thrilled to win this!
    I have recently started back to school (after 30 years!) I was one of the many who was caught in the economical crash in the building industry and have found myself unemployed. Unable to find work…I opted to use the time to retrain for a new career. Prior to my time of unemployment I have lost a total of 83 pounds, much of it with the help of Turbulance Training (thankyou sooo much..I love these workouts!) I love going to school…and the joy and new lease on life the large fat loss has given me. However, my school schedule leaves me without the ability to workout much. I think it takes a bit more time for all of this math and science to sink into my 40 something brain! I am really terrrrriiifffieed of gaining this weight back again. Having the TRX at my home would give me the opportunity to workout when I could. Do some Anatomy & Physiology…do some working out! I can’t think of a better combo!
    Thank you, Craig for your devotion and passion to health and fitness. You touch many lives and change them in ways you will never know.

  26. Betsey Syms says:

    Hey Craig!
    Thanks for offering the free TRXs to your subscribers! I first learned about TRX a few years ago & really wanted to try it but didn’t until April of this year when I went to a studio that taught classes & boot camps at $20/session in San Francisco at lunchtime. Fun but expensive…heck I could have bought my own TRX for what I paid for those classes!
    I do not know that I deserve a set of straps more than someone who who is a busy mom (I am one too—two boys under 8, work full time, working on my dissertation for a PhD in psychology & I teach aerobics 6x a week) or some one that is overweight (I am too, but a lot of me is muscle, though there is still a lot of me that is fat that I need to get rid of!). I can say that others’ judgement of my strength capacity has got me down lately. Just last weekend I failed a Les Mills qualification because I was not strong enough to perform planks, hovers & side hovers for long enough & with the proper body positions/ROM & I was turned down by my second employer to be a team personal trainer because I was deamed “not strong enough”; all in 3 days time—talk about depressing! So I am definitely motivated to use the straps!!
    Plus, I just love the idea of working out in the backyard, in my house, hauling them to work and just going anywhere with them!!
    Again, thanks for doing this!

  27. Tom says:

    Hi Craig,

    Last year I started running. From that time I lost 10 kg and at the age of 43 I am probably in the best form in my life. This year I run some 10km competition as well as one half marathon.
    Next year I would like to run my first marathon. I need to strengthen my mid and upper section to be able to run for 4 hours. Since I am short-sighted I can not exercise with weights. I do not go to the gym as they mainly offer exercises with weights. I am using mainly bodywieght. I am big fan of yours bodyweight program. I bought some of them. On the other hand having two kids in school also requires a lot of time so working at home would help. TRX would be perfect fit for me to work on my condition.

    Best Regards,

  28. Lucien Drake says:

    Hi there, greetings from Singapore~ I’m a newly certified fitness instructor who works in a hotel gym and is hoping to have a TRX fixed in to provide guests (business & leisure travellers from all over the world) an opportunity to learn about this piece of versatile equipment that increases or decreases leverage to vary the difficulty in full body workouts. Many understand that health is important but doesn’t have the knowledge to do so. TRX will give me another option to deliver and motivate others to start. Thanks!

  29. Robin Berner says:

    I am a 50 year old lady who has a TRX and has used it and TT workouts to pursue and achieve sequential fitness and physique goals. I an submitting the request for my 22 year old sons (2/3 of my triplet children). They are currently deployed with the Air National Guard, serving in Afghanistan. There unit provides A10 air support to the ground troops there. Clearly, they could utilize the TRX in the manner for which it was originally developed, to enhance the fitness of our military whatever and whenever needed.

  30. Joe Pereira says:

    Well I feel like I diserve to win. I have spend the last 11/2yrs transforming my life, I have gone from 313 pounds to 172 pounds. I have made fitness a priority in my life and will continue to prioritize my training. I have followed your philosophy, your workouts and I have recently become a personal trainer to help others find the passion of life as I have. My goal for 2012 is to attend one of your TT summit if you offer it again.
    TRX equipment would help me by providing variety to my workouts.

  31. Ann ross says:

    Hi,I buy a lot of different equipment to keep my skills up
    And also give variety to my clients.I have tried this system
    And it’s great.unfortunately haven’t bought it
    Yet .feel guilty I am always buying equipment for
    Myself when also having a family .I have never
    Won would be great to win and get
    Started.thank you for the opportunity .

  32. john says:

    HI there
    Great post, Trx or suspension system is the next big thing. Weighs less than a kilogram fits in a bag. you can do a total body workout. AND i mean total body. to make it harder add a dumbells medicine balls or even a Bosu. To win an extra one means helping more clients achieveing their goals. if you have more clients achieving their goals the more clients you will get.
    That my theory.

  33. Ria says:

    Hi Craig,

    Firstly, I just wanted to acknowledge the awesome work that you do in getting the information out there about how you can get fit / ripped 😉 with minimal equipment. I’m a personal trainer in Australia, who up until now has been working in a club that was very much equipment driven. In 2 weeks time, I will be going out on my own. I intend to design my workouts with minimal equipment to further educate my clients that they can “train anywhere”, just like the TRX motto.

    I have one myself and I know what a brilliant system it is, and if I am fortunate enough to be the recipient of a TRX I would love to give it away to one of my clients (eg. Put my first 10 clients in a draw to win) with full acknowledgements to you.

    Your friend in the Heath & Fitness world

  34. Patrick says:

    I started the current challenge and started Turbulance Training for Fat Loss with the feeling that I could win! I was at 308 lbs at the start and now weigh 283.5 lbs. I am sure that having a TRX available at home would be a big psychological bonus. It would give me one more reason to NOT to skip a workout because it would be right there and I would not have to drive the 15 miles to the gym at work. I know it would get great use in the basement. I work 11-7 and the gym does not open until 9am. And maybe I might be able to get my young and beautiful to start using it on a regular basis. Like a Two-for-one bonus!!

  35. julie says:

    Hi Craig, I love the TRX and in the summer, despite feeling lousing I took my TRX to the park as usual. The workout was making me feel worse so I had to give in, go home and hopefully feel better later.
    Wise ol bird… Not. I left the TRX in the tree and by the time I realised and went back, it was gone. I would love to replace it as I miss it so much.

  36. Charles Mclaughlin says:

    Hi Craig,
    First, I want to thank you for offering us a chance to win a TRX. My Golds Gym membership ended last month so now I have to resort to working out at my apartment gym. If things couldn’t get any worse I will soon be moving to an apartment complex that doesn’t have a gym. I am moving to a 35 square meter apartment to save money because times are getting rough. I currently have a weighted vest, some dumbbells, and a swiss ball. This is a pretty good set up for a majority of the exercises. I would love to have a TRX system so that I can incorporate some of your more advance exercises. Sometimes I have to reject a program because I simply do not have access to the equipment to perform these exercises. I am unable to do any pull-ups or chin-ups or dips or body weight rows. The list could go on but those are the ones that I am most familiar that you love to include into your programs. A majority of your programs I will not be able to use in the future once I move to my new apartment. I would like to continue using TT workouts in the future especially the more challenging ones.

  37. Gali Lavion Bokovza says:

    Am a huge TT fan who loves your workouts And researches to train my self and many others. I have been introducing the TT system in my country for 3 years now in boot camps, kettle bell groups , interval group training in my ol’ spinning classes-and personal trainings. Turbulence training also helped me be in a great shape since during the past 3 years I became a mother twice!
    Thanks for everything , trulthly glad I’ve found you!
    Greetings from Israel:)

  38. Juan says:

    I would use the TRX trainer as an addition to TT workouts; the TRX would be used for pulling exercises which would balance out my strength. I go to the gym to work on pulling motions on various machines with the TRX I would no longer have to do so, saving gas and money with the added benefit of being a bit more environmentally friendly. Thank you Craig for the chance to win the TRX.

  39. Terence says:

    Hi Craig

    Enjoying your blogs and the great TT workouts, My home is a flat in London, space is an issue, I go to a gym, but the times I can get there means its very crowded(also expensive) and does not have TRX equipment.
    I have a small patio area where I would be able to fix a wall plate and inspired by your example,do much of my exercise in the open air. I would slso get a door anchor for internal work.
    I am in my 60s and have been motivated by your down to earth style and good humour. keep up the great work. kindest regards.

  40. Derrick says:

    Hi Craig! 
I’ll start by just saying that I stumbled onto your site about a year ago while looking for info on bodyweight training. It took me about a week to realize that of all the sites I visited, yours was one of the most informative, least bullshit, straight to the point, and simple to follow sites on the web. Since then, I was hooked onto bodyweight training. I am always looking forward to your emails, I won’t win crap for my submission because I never win anything, but I just wanted you to know that at age 31, you changed my life for the better and gave me inspiration and guidance to move forward with my goals.
 My goals are to build strength, increase flexibility, core stability, metabolic conditioning and lose fat. I do not know if my goals here are specific enough or too much.
 Nothing but hard work has been put into my on-going transformation. I don’t want your package to make my transformation easier – that would imply that I’m not enjoying it. I want this package as it would assist me in achieving my main goal of maximizing my potential; physically, mentally and spiritually. To exploit my potential, effort is an obvious essential- One that I will never stop putting in. A lot of effort has been put into constructing the material in your package-It is only fair that I give it my all… It will be put to maximum use – I’m sure that is what you want to see too… Maybe I could even give you a 60-Day satisfaction guarantee. Looking back, I feel I should replace the word ‘Transformation’ with ‘Lifestyle’…Because a transformation has an end. I’ve realized that this whole thing is a LIFESTYLE. Not just some ‘One month fat loss/muscle gain diet/routine’. – It has become a way of life for me. In addition to this, I’m really trying to involve my wife in this new life I’ve discovered. TRX would really help both of us. She can see the changes I’ve made and how it’s affected my outlook and she’s as hungry as I am to change her body. Using your product would make it easier for both of us. It would get us back on the right path relative to our training. We travel a lot, having a TRX around ensures we can train anywhere, anytime. TRX will take my bodyweight training to the next level with higher intensity and harder workouts, it would help me to achieve my beach body. Moreover, the workouts are fun which keeps me motivated.
    There is a quote by a silent film actress, Mary Pickford, that I like to keep in my mind whenever I lose motivation, “The thing we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down”. I have fallen many times in my journey, but bloody hell, I’m not staying down this time!!
    Thanks for the oppurtunity, Craig.

  41. Lorraine James says:

    I am a 53 year old grandmother who decided in May 2010 she didn’t want to end up a fat and unfit pensioner. Since then I’ve lost over 6 stone (still got one to go) and have been working out at home. My equipment is basic but I’ve managed to get some good results, however, my upper body strength isn’t what it could be and the TRX would be a useful, helpful addition to enable me to get the upper body training that would make all the difference – my friends would love it too, plus I see it can travel with me, bonus! Here’s hoping :-))

  42. David says:

    Why I deserve TRX equipment

    – I live in a area where thunderstorm and extremely hot and humid weather conditions are a norm and this makes it impossible to workout at the outdoor gym that I workout at. With the TRX straps, I will have no reason to skip another workout because of poor weather condition outside because I have all that I need to workouta at home.

    – Gym membership is not a option for now because I am now serving the National Service(note: involuntary) in my country and the pathetic allowance that I am drawing now means all that I am getting goes into basic necessities and gym membership is a luxury which I cannot afford. TRX trainer allows me to do many of the exercises which requires a stability ball.

    – I feel very uncomfortable working out in a gym and outdoors and because of that, I only workout from 5am to 6am in the nearby park when nobody is around. But recently due to the additional workload and oversleeping, I have not been able to wake up in time for my workout. The only time that I can workout then is after work but there are many people in the park and I cannot help it to feel that all of them are watching me when I workout so I have stop working out if I woke up late. Now, just the very thought of exercising in public scares me to no end. Having the TRX straps will give me the freedom and flexibility to workout at home to get the body I deserve without feeling so self-conscious about my body.

    How would I use it in my TT transformation contest

    – The TRX trainer will be able to help me process into performing the full rep of some of the exercises because by adjusting the straps, I can slowly increase the difficulty of the exercise

    – Not only that, when I am at the later stages of my fat loss, I can incorporate TRX trainer into the TT workout to elevate my fat loss success

    • David says:

      Another way of how I would use it in TT workout is to use it for interval training after TT workout. By doing TRX mountain climber to replace interval running, I no longer have the excuse to miss another workout because of the heavy rain outside because I have the TRX straps that I can use to do my workout as well as my interval training.

  43. Divi says:

    Hi Craig! I am not going to give you any reason to give me a TRX kit. I am coming to what might be the end of my efforts to rebuild myself. My body is slowly but steadily failing me and my tempus fugit faster than I would like. I will keep working at it as long as I can. I do plan to buy the TRX as part of my last ditch attempt to get myself back. Winning one would be like icing on the cake, but one way or the other am getting it. I would like to congratulate the winners in advance and hope it servers then as they hope it will. Cheers all!

  44. Dave W says:

    Hi Craig,

    I would simply like to say that we all know how much exercising in 3D rather than 2D can increase how much fat we can burn. With working out at home as I can’t afford and don’t really want gym membership, I don’t have many opportunities to go truly 3D with my workouts.

    And it is for that reason that I hope to win the TRX as I have realised the following equation:

    TRX + TT workout = EPIC FAT LOSS!!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition and keep up your good work.

    Dave W

  45. MIke says:

    Thanks Craig for this opportunity to win a TRX. I have wanted one for a few years now but they are not available for sale where I live in Indonesia plus they are beyond my budget in price. I am almost 60 and have been using TT for about 5 years now as has my wife and older sons and daughters and with my encouragement so do a number of my friends. TRX would provide a new challenge for each of us and needed variety. It could even encourage others who don’t exercise much to give them a try as they are new and they may start exercising more themselves. That would be a great bonus. My backyard is full of young people several times a week playing futsal and I am sure they would be keen to give it a try. Thanks for considering me and us for this giveaway!

  46. Lee Horner says:

    This would be a great workout for me. I have just been learning about TRX at the gym. The membership is a stretch for me as I am a retired 71-years young woman on a limited income.

    I have only begun really exercising since January of this year, and I have learned quite a lot. So far have gone from 202 lbs at 5’4″ to 164 lbs without losing muscle. Getting stronger as well as leaner. Still have a ways to go yet and the TRX would be a great help.

    Thanks for all that you do, Craig

  47. Vic Savage says:

    I am just looking to begin TT workouts, and while this may not mean I deserve a TRX, it sure would be great to have this from the start to add diversity to the TT system and to maximise results.

    In addition, my work often requires me to travel overseas for 2 – 4 week periods. Accommodation is not often in hotels, especially if it is at a remote mine site in Australia or an LNG plant in Papua where access is soley by launch. A TRX could be so useful to have at places like these due to its portability and the range of exercises it promotes.



  48. Scott Corso says:

    Hi Craig,

    Perhaps it’s all the talk about the new movie, “Courageous”, that calls men to step up to the plate and be more involved as fathers and husbands. When I read your email that asked why I would want a TRX at my house, my first thought was that I would use it as a tool to get my kids involved in Turbulence Training.

    My oldest son is thirteen and he asked me to put together a training routine for him at the beginning of the summer. I based it on Turbulence Training principles. Because of space limitations, my squat rack is in pieces collecting both rust and dust. Instead, I used what was available: bodyweight, dumbbells and a pull up bar. We went away this weekend and he insisted that I pack the weights and bar along with all the luggage for a family of five. Just think how much easier it would have been to pack a TRX!

    The other night I was congratulating my eight year old daughter on her acceptance to a competitive jump rope team. She also had recently joined the swim team. I think I said that between her two activities she was going to be one of the fittest third graders around. My middle son, who is eleven, overheard the conversation. A short time later, he quietly came up to me and said, “Hey dad, do you think you could put together a fitness routine for me.” I was thrilled because though he has many interests (drumming, model trains, and wood turning) he has tended to shy away from physical activity. When I read your email, a light went on and I thought, “Why do I need to come up with a routine when Craig has already given me hundreds of them!” The TRX would be a great tool for him since in addition to his hobbies that tend to result in a forward flexed posture, he is also visually impaired. So he has a tendency to bend forward to get closer to the screen or book. The rowing exercises that you can do with the TRX would help to counter these poor postural positions and hopefully prevent future back problems.

    My wife would also benefit from the TRX. When I signed up for Turbulence Training, I also received The “Fit, Yummy, Mommy” routine that my wife used with great results. But the busyness of carting kids here, there, and everywhere has put a damper on the workouts. While I think she looks great, she feels she could stand to “lose a few.” I think the TRX would be a great motivational tool to jumpstart a new exercise routine.

    What about me? Well, at the beginning of the summer, I was making good progress toward those ever elusive washboard abs. I was gaining ground until the family barbecues and ice cream outings started to take their toll. Now I am facing the time of the year when my body wants to insulate for the winter by adding “a little to the middle.” What it fails to realize is that this year we are planning Disney in December. Sitting pool side, I would rather look “Turbulence trim” than like I had prepared for hibernation! If I received a TRX, I would start with the routines listed in your email in order to achieve my fitness goals by Christmas!

    In writing this letter, it dawned on me that Turbulence Training and this new movie, “Courageous”, have a lot in common. Both are calling people to no longer be satisfied with the status quo, but to have the courage to step up and make a positive impact for oneself and others. Thanks Craig!

  49. Waleed says:

    I have been struggling with being overweight all my life. My nickname in school was “Wodge”. When I discovered Turbulence Training a few years ago, it gave me hope for the first time that I might be able to get the lean fit body I wanted – but didn’t know how to get. Until then, exercising for me consisted of running, walking, occasionally cycling and exercises I now know were useless, like sit-ups and crunches. I have since learned new and effective ways to workout thanks to TT and am no stranger to bodyweight exercises, dumb-bells, barbells and kettlebells.

    My long-term goal is to become a certified personal trainer. The region I live in (the Middle East) is fast becoming the most unhealthy in the world due to poor nutrition and the sedentary lifestyle. But in order to be taken seriously as a trainer, I need to first be healthy and fit. I want to be the ultimate “poster child” for fitness, good nutrition and exercise after a lifetime of the exact opposite. Adding the TRX equipment to my home gym, where I do most of my workouts, would help me get that little bit closer to my long-term goal and ultimately, help people like myself.

  50. Adam says:

    I deserve one because I work my tail end off for no money five days a week between student teaching and coaching and can’t afford a gym membership. I can barely afford my favorite fruits and vegetables alone to stay healthy. A TRX strap set would force me to wake up an extra 30 minutes early every other day and do a full body resistance training, Craig Ballantyne TT style workout. I want to be proven by the TRX system it can work well.

  51. Neil says:

    Hi there
    We have recently moved up into the mountains (45 minutes at very least away from a place with a descent gym).
    I have slowly been collecting up equipment to be able to workout effectively at home but its slow going, as we’re have a ‘start-ip’ company as well as all the normal daily expenses,..children,….etc.
    I have been looking for a way to maximise my workouts and from all the research i think the TRX system will de fantastic. I’ve strapped a pull-up bar to our roof-beams, and try to incorporate push-ups and other body weight exercises into my TT routines which I bought a year or so ago but I the TRX system will just take it to the next level.

  52. Caroline says:

    Hey Craig, I’m a personal trainer and have been teaching a weight lifting class for 7 years. I teach at a gym that is Yoga motivated. Nothing against Yoga, but I’ve always enjoyed weights and “pump you up music”. I have incorporated your TT and we all love it, but the owners are still trying to squeeze me out. A lot of people that come to my class have asked me to do some personal training, and would love to move my business into my home. I now teach once a week (with Pay) because our Island was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Irene. (I live in Hatteras NC)Business is down for everyone, and my husband tells me not to buy anything until we are working again. He runs a kitesurfing school. So….Would love to have a TRX, and if I don’t win it, I’ll have to wait until next season. By the way, TT has helped me get closer to my desired shape. (7 years of lifting and I still need to loose 15 lbs of body fat). I have tons of before pictures and can’t wait for the after. It will boost my personal training business immensely!

  53. Kathy Benavides says:

    Hi, I am a single mom teaching English in Taiwan. I do not have a lot of free time to work out, but I do during my lunch breaks. I have been listening to your free podcasts and have started TT training for 3 weeks after several years of conventional cardio and lifting. Even so, I haven’t been able to shed the weight Ive wanted and even gained 5 kg living here. For the past 3 weeks TT has revolutionized my thinking and I am excited and grateful for your information and expertise. I believe I deserve the TRX because I am looking for a breakthrough in my fitness routine (and life generally) and because I travel frequently, it would be highly convenient. I envision taking the TRX to the local playground while my daughter plays. Thanks for the opportunity and best of luck choosing from so many deserving requests!

  54. Rosie Vercillo says:

    Hi Craig
    First, thank you for all that you do for the community. I read everything that you write and I love listening to your podcasts too. They are so full of information and I learn so much from you. I love the nutrition lessons from you and all the other experts you interview.

    I would love the TRX! I’m embarrassed to say that I’m having a tough time financially Right now but keeping my head barely above water. I work so hard but things happen and I just can’t get ahead. I am a single mother of 2 and I get no child support so I’m on my own. I would love to win the TRX. Maybe my fortune will change with that. Being a single mom I have to be creative on when I can sneak in my workouts. Its tough but I’m committed to my health and wellness for my kids and my family.
    Again, thanks for all that you do. Pretty funny but when I read something from you or listen to your podcasts you make me feel like we are old pals just hanging out. You make me feel welcome.

  55. Dan McDonald says:


    I plan on living to be 100. A TRX would help me on this journey.

  56. Walker S. says:

    Craig, I’m a 53 year old guy who, after all these years still lives for the hour or so a day in the gym…or on the track or on the farm! Last Feb my world changed drasticly when I had long overdue rotator cuff surgery. After 7 weeks in a sling I got released to rehab. A breakdown in communication between my Dr and PT’s , along with my desire to “hurry up and get well” led to retearing my shoulder. New Dr….same routine and here I am recovering from my second RC repair. Everything in my life is different now except for my desire to get back to an active lifestyle. That desire is stronger than ever. My Doctor’s assistant told me I won’t be able to do all the stuff I used to be doing. I can’t disagree strongly enough. So now I’m putting together an arsenal of tools to keep me motivated and working , if for no other reason than to prove the assistant wrong.
    The TRX would be a great addition to my free weights, KB’s, sandbag and jumprope.
    I don’t deserve the TRX anymore than any of these other guys because we all have a warrior’s heart but if you pick me I won’t complain and the TRX will def. help make my shoulder stronger.
    Thanks for everything!

  57. Lori says:

    I’ve done your TT workouts for awhile & love them. I’ve been dying to try TRX workouts & my gym doesn’t have it. I get bored easily and see this as a new challenge as it can be used so many ways.
    My schedule only allows me to get alot done in a short time frame. Home workouts with TRX would benefit everyone in my family as I’m always “encouraging” a healthier lifestyle!!

  58. Richard says:

    There seems to be more deserving people commenting but here goes. I am almost finished with creating space in my basement for a home gym. I have a 13 yr old son that wants to start working out. We have been doing bodyweight (no weights yet)workouts but he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about them. With the TRX I believe he would find better motivation. Thanks

  59. Bruce says:

    Just thought I’d try to win something. My out of shape kids would benefit. aMyself lost 40 yr ago and would be great to have a new system to kept me going.

  60. Clement says:

    I want to win this TRX as my sister and I would benefit greatly from this piece of equipment.

    I’ve been lifting weights for 2 years now and would like a new tool to spice up my sessions and give me a unique twist to my workouts. I’m really eager to add those TRX improvements to the TT Buff Dudes programme!

    I first used the TRX six months ago when a US Marine brought it with him. We were deployed overseas and we soldiers had a really fun time training with it. It was extremely challenging for me. I most probably bring it with me on future deployments so I can still get some pulling movements in.

    I’d also like to introduce this to my sister – overweight but wary of weight training. I’m sure she would love to use this tool and start on one of your TRX-bodyweight fusion TT programmes. It would ease her phobia of getting bulky and help her achieve her weight loss goals, instead of just going on those 1h-long cardio sessions.

    Please choose me as one of your lucky winners and help me to realise my hopes of introducing variety to my training to keep me motivated, training while on the move for my country and helping my sister with her weight loss goals!

  61. Joe Castillo says:

    Something simple to say. I need a pair of TRX for added enjoyment to my exercise program. Choose me to proclaim the Turbulence Training message of the best workout system in the world, or at least in the Valley. Thanks.

  62. jodie says:

    I have always wanted a TRX trainer, I keep going back to the website to see if they have a sale on it. I would like one to shake up my routine. I always like trying new things. And I would really like to try the Pike exercise using the TRX. I can feel my abs working just thinking about it. Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great day.

  63. Van says:

    The TRX would be the perfect workout equipment for me because of the portability and the range of progression it offers.
    I have been an avid turbulence training follower, using BW, free weights and fusion workouts. I have lost a tremendous amount of weight from 169 pounds to 123 with the help of your program. I loved it because of the efficiency of the workout and the recovery it allows (so often overlooked by other programs).
    One another thing why turbulence training met my requirements was portability. I used to travel every year for at least 3 or 4 months sometimes 6, living in small rented studios, hotel rooms, friend’s couches, etc. While on the go, I have always used BW programs. I never found it too easy because of all the modifications you can do to make it harder. However switching to another program after 6 weeks was always difficult. The elastics were not versatile enough, the complexification of the mouvements proposed by Circular strength training was not always easy to get good form without a mirror, in a small space and within a tight schedule. That’s why TRX would be the perfect solution to this. I could alternate BW and TRX whenever I am travelling for my research.
    Another reason why the TRX would be perfect is because now I am pregnant. Ever since, I have had trouble finding the right way to level/modify my exercices. A support, such as the TRX, which could allow me to adjust different levels and angles for floor exercises, hang on while doing squats, would virtually help me keep doing more exercices with good form no matter how advanced in the pregnancy – as long as it feels good and I’ve got medical clearance.
    Si please…. get me out of this damm swimming pool! My husband is trying to convince me to do aquagym…. please nooooooo

  64. Josh hughes says:

    Hey Craig,
    I haven’t really been able to afford a due to life happening and always wanted one. So I decided to try and make my own version out of tow straps. I used handles from an old resistance band. As I thought I’ve built other things to use before and thought this should work perfectly. I did a few sets of triceps extensions and bicep curls and thought to myself your pretty smart. To my surprise the next time I used this wouldnt be as pleasurable. So a couple days later I put up my straps and proceed with my workout. I’m working pretty hard and I go to do my bicep curls and I get to bout the 8th rep and snap, the nylon handles rip right of and I go tumbling about 20 feet back and flip over my bed. I stood up in shock still holding the handles in my hands trying to comprehend what just happened. After I realized I was ok I had me some laughs and decided I needed a different idea. Haha thanks for reading Craig. Josh Hughes

  65. Paula says:

    Hi Craig

    Before I say anything about the TRX, I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your blogs. It’s like reading a letter from an old friend. Thank you.

    Now onto the TRX. I don’t know why I would deserve to win one more than any of the other people writing, but I can tell you why I think a TRX might be good for me to have and use.

    I found out 2 weeks ago that I have osteoporosis and after checking into the medications to treat the condition I have decided to take the natural route of treatment and see what happens when I take my next bone density test.
    Natural treatment includes building muscle and improving balance and agility. The TRX sounds like it would fit the bill on how to achieve that.

    I quit smoking 4 years ago and gained 25 lbs of fat quite quickly. A year later I started to excercise and change my eating habits. I lost those 25 lbs and even more but I am not satisfied with the way I look. I know weight training is the way to go but I am finding it hard to get started on a good program. The fact that I now have osteoporosis is a pretty good motivator and in case it’s not then the TRX sure would be.

    Thanks for listening Craig. Have a great Sunday.


  66. Anne Hendrickson says:

    Craig-I can’t say that I deserve this anymore than the next person. But, it would be awesome! Right now I’m using an old weight bench with allenwrenches jammed in to keep the back up in the right positions for the incline exercises.And remember those old dumbbells with sand in the disks and the little screw on ‘ends’ to keep the weights on the bar? Yup-got a huge bunch of them cheap this summer when I was starting TT2k3. I’ve researched and seen TRX videos and heard from some friends who use TRX regularly and they LOVE it ! Now, with 11 kids and just hubby working, there’s no extra money for TRX-that would be frivolous when there are groceries,diapers and shoes to buy…
    IF you should decide to choose me, I would be SO very grateful! I cannot even imagine~Thanks for considering me.

  67. moises says:

    I deserve a TRX, because i am so far (rio de janeiro, Brazil), and follow your posts every day…I´m kidding!sorry my english, thank you for the post!

  68. Kathleen says:

    I would love to win a TRX but not for me. I want to win one for my friend Rhonda. I personally own one and love it. I want it for her cause she can’t afford it. She is not working right now and desperately trying to find a job. She workouts very hard but the scale isn’t budging. With all her other worries in life I dont want her giving up on her health and fitness. We just took a free week of TRX training at a TRX training facility and it was awesome. So I want to win this for her.

  69. dave says:

    I really enjoy mixing up workouts just because I enjoy exercising. I made my own sandbags so that I can do some cleans and front squats with them. I dont think I can really afford a TRX so I bought those orange forklift lifting and moving straps for $10 do use it as if it was a TRX strap but it really hurts my hands when I use them and the straps brush against my skin.. For these reasons, I would just love to have a TRX to do my workouts at home with your TT program.

  70. Pat says:

    Hey Craig,
    I have an office job in a production facility, and a long commute. I also help care for my brother-in-law with CP, so any available time for working out is at a premium.
    With that in mind, I also have a son currently serving in the Army, deployed overseas. All his life he has been physically active throughout his life; I have been his pudgy father the whole time. While I kow I have little chance of getting to the physique of a soldier, I would like to get in as good of shape as I can before he returns home next spring. I know sons almost always love their fathers, but I think this would be one way, at least, he could have more respect for me.

  71. Brenda says:

    Hi Craig

    That review was great! I am a huge fan of the TRX training system…so of course I would love to win one! I am a Mother of 2 children and getting to the gym is not always the easiest thing to do as I also work full time.

    I am a big fan of your blogs and TT is awesome! l believe combining the two would enable me to compete in the fitness show I have my eye on in April, as I could do my training at home on the days that the gym isn’t an option.

    Keep up the great work! You are a great motivator and always inspire me to give 100% during my workouts! My fitness goal is getting closer and closer and with the TRX & TT, I will be able to fully realize this dream!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  72. Erik says:

    I am a security guard that likes to pick up big stuff in my spare time. I won’t use the trx with ur fat loss program(I think I would dissapear). I would however use the trx to get in workouts when I can’t get into the gym because of odd hours at work-or not wanting to make the drive to the gym after my shift, more options=more success. The biggest reason I need these is I need to supplement my picking up big stuff with more bodyweight type exercise. Trx would be a great way to make bodyweight exercises harder and more interesting.

    Thanks craig

  73. Rex Laughlin says:

    As a former CSCS and personal trainer I know how good the TT workouts are. They get the job done and clients love the workouts.

    Now, it’s my turn for training. 4 months ago I fractured my fibula, which led to a large blood clot in leg, clots then broke away and traveled to both lungs. 10 days in hospital.

    Due to swelling caused from circulation problems from the DVT, I am still recovering. I can walk without a crutch, but still have a lot of pain in ankle from swelling.

    Due to my lack of mobility I have gained weight – I am the heaviest I have ever been. I am in physical therapy for my leg, but my whole body has been out of action since June 10th and I need to get back into shape. TT is my solution.

    With a system such as the TRX and training with TT, I will be able to train in the privacy of my home and work on a full recovery.

    Thank you for the chance –

    Rex Laughlin

  74. Daniela Berrocales says:


    I had bought a “TRX” a few months ago, very cheap and I was sooo excited to add TRX bodyweight exercises to my weekly routine! The thing kept snapping. Turned out I got cheated- this “TRX” was not the real deal…:(
    I REALLY love to work out with the TRX! I use it at my gym at times but would love to have it for my home, my travels, etc. I am from Germany and when I visit my family (as I am doing right now- greetings from Europe!) my workout… well, suffers (to say the least). Help me stay healthy! Oh, and the TT program is the bomb! I´m not just saying that to increase my chances of winnning. I say it because – as you know- my statement is true and the workout WORKS!

  75. I think I deserve a free TRX because recently I started my own bootcamp business to afford my 5 children’s school (Catholic school) tuitions. I have been a aerobics intructor at various gyms through the years, but since “meeting” you on-line with all of your TT information, you have changed my way of teaching fitness to others. In the process, I have been helping my clients transform their bodies into healthy and fit individuals. Many of my boot campers never saw results from their gym workout, but since doing bodyweight resistance exercises and TT workouts, they are seeing amazing results. I think that the addition of a TRX in my circuit would be amazing. I am on a very limited budget because I am just a one woman show. Someday I hope to be successful and “in the red.” But for now, I am so happy that I am helping my clients get healthy and feel really good about themselves. I don’t train the athlete that wants to get fitter. My clients are mostly less conditioned and have some weight to lose to be healthy. Your information has been so valuable to me and my business. I believe the TRX would really help my small business. Thanks for all of your encouragement, funny stories, and motivation.

  76. Mae says:

    Hi Craig! I’m a personal trainer in SD, CA and would love to share my passion for TRX use with my clients! I have used TRXs at the gyms i’ve worked at in the past and believe it to be an invaluable tool for mobility/strength/core stability work and SO much more! If i had my own TRX I would be able to share this tool with many and hopefully inspire success and strength with it!

    Thanks Craig!

  77. Charles Towne says:

    Well Craig, I don’t know if anyone deserves any freebees in these days of “entitlements” but I sure do know that I can put the TRX to good service. First of all Craig, I am 77 years young and going strong. I am also my dear wife’s caregiver. Nancy has M.S. as well as early onset Alzheimers disease. Eight years ago, due to the intolerable stress of caregiving, (which I wasn’t handling very well I might add)I experienced three back to back heart attacks and nearly croaked. Our situation went downhill from there, until I decided to reclaim control over our lives. I started my wife and I on a health regimen of living food and excercise and threw out the pills. Within a matter of weeks my Nancy was no longer in a wheelchair and today she walks as well as you or I. And by the way, her cognition is slowly returning.
    Recently I started working out at the local Lifestyle gym, lost 15 pounds and bought my B.P. within a range of 117/77 and feel like a new man. Craig, we live on my social security and therefore can’t really afford any workout equipment so the TRX would be a real godsend and would allow me to work out on those days when I am unable to travel to the gym.
    God bless you and yours,
    Sincerely, Charles Towne
    P.S. My next goal is to lose another ten pounds, take off another two inches and build a six-pack, how the heck neat is that? C.T.

  78. Jesse says:

    Awesome contest Craig. I would use the TRX with the people that I work out with. I work out with a number of people weekly and now that the weather isn’t so hot we plan to worko out OUTSIDE more and the TRX would come in handy for sure. I’ve see the TRX challenge in which they demonstrate 50 push-ups coupled with tucks you wait one or two minutes and then you do 50 body weight rows. Apparently this is suppose to be timed but I could never do this challenge as I do not have a TRX. I would love to submit my challenge TRX video and of course if I WIN the TRX I would have to submit the comment “I won this from Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training”.

    Come on TRX!

  79. Lowell says:

    Last December I was in a skiing accident and broke my hip and had a major tear in the glute muscle. The doctor had told me it could take a year but I would’ve never thought that long. I’ve just completed a few months of therapy and much of the exercises I would do were with bands. It’s been 9 months and things are improving but it has been a battle. The TRX system would be a perfect fit and allow me to do the exercises in my own home. I also travel a lot for work and I would be able to carry the TRX with me and use almost anywhere.

  80. Rohan says:

    Hi Craig,
    I might be in a different demographic compared to the rest of your followers, but that might be why I think I’m a great candidate. Currently I’m a senior in High School and the captain of my varsity tennis team. I have seen the TRX in action, and believe it would be a great way to introduce a new sector of strength and fitness to our offseason regimen. Additionally, it would be used by many different people, who could see the impact and effect of this tool.
    Thank you!

  81. Renette says:

    Hello Craig! Thanks for the awesome emails. I would use the TRX to maintain conditioning and even have my boys use it. It would be useful to help get my personal training business started. It would be a perfect companion on trips so I and my family would benefit greatly! Continue sending your helpful emails…love your workouts! Thank you!
    Norman, OK

  82. My TRX training would reinforce and inspire my friends, family, and coworkers to lose fat. It would complement my taekwondo training. Furthermore, it would provide a challenging workout. Lastly, it would add another facet to my cross-training.

  83. John says:

    I’m a road-warrior and travel a minimum of every other week for a week at a time. Currently I’m in week 3 or 7 straight travel weeks. In the past 3 weeks I’ve stayed 11 different hotels!

    I’m also competing in TC12. Knowing the 7 week travel gig was coming up I joined a fitness club that has gyms in most major cities. This way I can workout in a decent gym while traveling. However, I didn’t realize the logistic of trying to get to a gym that may be on the other side of town after a long work day or a grueling travel day with delayed flights and long drives in rental cars.

    Having access to a TRX would allow me to ensure I can get a fantastic workout in my hotel room in lieu of a shoddy hotel gym.

    TRX would help me keep on track with my fatloss goals while traveling, help me compete in TC12 and help Craig reach his 500lb fat loss goal.

    I appreciate your consideration and thanks for all your help, workouts and advice I’ve received so far.

  84. Dennis says:

    I cannot say that I deserve it any more or less than anyone who has posted here. All have excellent reasons and I commend all of you for being on the journey to fitness and health! The TT manuals helped me lose 50 lbs over the past year and a half along with the programs recommended by you created by Joel Marion and Roman. It has been challenging and inventive as I can not afford a gym membership and as a single father of two while working full time wouldn’t allow the time. I rarely enter any “raffles” as I have found that hard work produces results. I am entering this as I believe the TRX would offer a new aspect to my workouts. It reminds me of my army days of training with no weights, just your body and pull up bar.
    To all those who enter and work, it is possible to gain a physique of your dreams. Keep your eye on the prize, take each day as it comes with the commitment that “today I will do what I need to do. I will worry about tomorrow when it comes”.
    All the best. . .
    Be strong!

  85. Joe says:

    In the past year I have lost 80 lbs but lately I have been bored with my workouts. I need something new and I think that the TRX will give me something fun and different to help me keep the weight off and stay in shape.

  86. Marie Herrera says:

    Hello Craig,
    I’d like to win the TRX for my brother. Last, Thanksgiving my brother weigh 268 lbs. He promised to us that he’s going to try his best to lose weight. I’m so proud of him to making that choice. He seems to have control of his diet pretty good, but he only does walking for exercise. Walking is good but he doesn’t want to do any other strenght training exercises. I think because he’s afraid that he will get hurt. It seems that the TRX is a safe equipment for him to use and he can take it anywhere, since he travels quite a bit.

    I’m so proud of my brother in making the commitment to lose weight. I feel that the TRX will make him more motivate to do so.

    Thank you for your time.

  87. David says:

    Hi Craig I don’t know if I deserve a TRX but as an unpaid director of a not for profit gym every time I go to the gym I end up solving other people’s problems and never getting a chance to work out. It would be great to have a piece of equipment which really encourages and helps me lose the excess weight which has slowly crept onto my belly.

  88. Chris says:

    This fall I started final year of grad school, so the work toward my Master’s thesis and presentation has taken up a lot of my free time I normally use at the gym. In addition, my contract at work ended, so income is really tight. Having the TRX would give me an excellent at home workouts that my roommates and I could use at any time of the day.

  89. Seeta says:

    Hi Craig, Thanks for all the info … I am new to this workout program and therefore looking for all that is available to help me get fit again. I am a grandmother and my body is very weak from Lupus and being off sick for the last 20 years. I was a nurse before I got sick. My doctor only approves me for light weights 5 lb but that is not much do really see any dent in my body. I fell in January of this year and broke my L elbow, got 4 pins in there and since then unable to us my left had much. I am now looking to get back in shape slowly and I think your program offers some amazing options for me. I am hoping to start on Momday Oct 3. I know that I am a good candidate for the TRX. I live in Edmonton Alberta where the winters are severly cold so going to the gym is a challenge, plus I no longer have a membership as I am now unable to afford it. Please consider me for the TRX.
    Thank you.

  90. Oisín says:

    Hi Craig,

    I recently lost my job and with that will no longer be able to keep up my gym repayments. The TRX bands would be an amazing way for me to continue on my TT training at home and to keep me focused on my transformation.

    In the past whenever I couldnt make the gym I would do some bodyweight circuits in my living room or garden (depending on the Irish weather that is). As that is no longer a viable option and with the winter months closing in, TRX bands and kettle bells will soon be my new home gym….on the postive no more excuses for not making the gym 🙂

    As a thank you (if I win) I would me more than happy to film my training and track my progress to go on your site. Just a thought.

    Keep it lit!

  91. John Croz says:

    We don’t have a lot of room indoors for equipment but do have a decent sized back yard with several large trees. TRX would be a great addition for me to use outside and when we travel to the in-laws’ house so that I don’t have to try to take weights with us. My 2 and a half year old daughter LOVES to use the pull up bar and LOVES to try to do pullups when I have it lowered so that I can do inverted rows. I know that I would benefit greatly from the TRX and also be able to “share” it with my daughter too to help teach her healthy habits in her young age. Lead by example and have “fun” together too

  92. Noelle says:

    I need the TRX because I live with my parents and only have a tiny room for my things. I need a piece of equipment that can supplement my interval training in a 12′ x 9′ room. The TRX will also add a level of difficulty to my workouts that I haven’t been able to reach before!

  93. Debi says:

    I first heard of the TRX through TT which was a while ago. First I had to look up and see what it was. I even went to a personal trainer to see if they had one I could try out. I did a workout with her and really saw the benefits of having one, as I am at the lake a lot and faithfully do my TT workouts but some exercises would be very beneficial with a TRX to really tax my muscles and strength. I finally got to the place where I had saved enough to buy one as they are expensive. BUT then you offered the Platenum membership for a good price. I weighed my options and decided your membership would be the better choice for now. I am now a very happy member and working out hard. I am back to saving for a TRX but will soon loose my job as the boss is retiring and going down a different path. My TRX has just been backed up again. I would truly value winning one to use. Now that I will also be retired means more lake and mountain time and the TRX would be faithfully with me. Thanks for considering me for this great gift opportunity. Turbulance Training is the greatest in my opionion, and that is not a suck up. 🙂


  94. adele duffy says:

    Hi Craig,

    I work with a brother and sister that own Yardley Fitness. This has been the woman’s dream to own her own place, her brother actually gave up his job to help her make it work! She is a single mom of two and needs to count on this place for the income. I currently work there for no pay because I admire these two for wanting to help people in our community to stay fit. Some struggle with making their payments to them, but they are always willing to help out. They are volunteering their time to the district schools in our area,as well, so that the students and teachers can learn more about the importance of fitness. They have also donated the fitness equipement to the high school, because they want to give back.They were talking about putting another TRX in the area where all the equipement is,but they don’t have the money right now to buy another TRX. I would just love to be able to give them this token to show how very special they are!

    Thank you,

    Adele Duffy

  95. Molly says:

    I’m a trainer because of my journey with TT. All of my clients use TT workouts to lose weight and in 1 year, I have had a total of 718 lbs lost with my clients. I am always looking for new tools to incorporate into my clients and my workouts. My gym at the YMCA does not have a TRX and I would love to win this for that reason. Over the years I have read tons of info from fitness gurus and tried other techniques but I can honestly say if its TT approved and you have used it, it works and I want it!

  96. Sharon Stellmach says:

    You might decide that I deserve a TRX and the golden opportunity to do TRX workouts because I am a 45 year old single mom of a 15 year old boy and a 10 week old puppy (golden retriever). I am an attorney, who works at home, in an apartment I rent. I enjoy my life but find myself 15 pounds overweight since starting my own law firm three years ago. I have overworked up to 15 hours per day consistently for the last three years during which time my son and I suffered for that. Last October I cut my hours back to 8 – 10 per day and I just started working out today. I am committed to eating clean and exercising every day. I like unique things – TRX would qualify as unique and I like to work really hard at what I do. I know that within the next 2 months my body will be totally transformed and I would sing your praises – as I do God’s for all the help you have already given to me and may even give more. I am about to start my first introductory workout and I am so excited. The puppy is asleep and watching you do the workout, huffing and puffing, while being in awesome shape yourself, inspired me – because you did not quit. I pray that whoever deserves the TRX would be thankful above all else. Thank you for your inspiration and the tools to exercise and get rid of my excess unhealthy fat. Oh, I weigh 140 and I am 5’1″. I plan to become 125 (with lots of muscle) by January 1st and maintain that weight and health till the end.
    God Bless You and that was really sweet to want to hear people’s stories.

  97. Chris Jones says:

    I would like to win the TRX because I could use it to help people in my neighborhood get in shape. I am starting a free bootcamp for my neighbors and the TRX is a great tool for all levels. I also believe that being it is such a fun tool to use I can get alot of people interested. Thank You

    Holly Springs NC

  98. esther says:

    it will be a nice addition on my workout routine since i do it in my room. It’s a very small space and i know, if I have the TRX equipment, i will use it to is maximum level(including vacation time). 🙂 thank for reading

  99. Jeremiah says:

    Hello Craig,

    I deserve a TRX because I am now a personal trainer who is also working a night shift job to make ends meat. A TRX would give me the ability to spice up the workouts i do at home as well as give my fiance no excuses to work out. She has went to the gym with me once but if i had a TRX there wold be no reason why she couldn’t work out in the convenience of her own home. Thank you Craig in all that you dp!

  100. Dean phillips says:

    For two years now I have been weight training to help my physique get better. This has improved my confidence by miles and has improved my life more than I could expect.

    I started out at 8.5 stone and now weigh 12 stone. Putting on the muscle mass has now helped me take a new view on life.

    Before I started lifting weights I was bullied severally mainly picked on to do with some of my special needs. Being a 8 stone boy didn’t really help and I couldn’t defend myself, my dad on the otherhand was an army officer who was naturally brawny and sporty. Being put down my him with comments about my weight I decided to join a gym and start lifting weights.

    My body piled on the mass with a high calorie diet and I started to get complimented on my size. In the past I had suffered from “skinny fat” after bulking up I still had fat remaining and alot of it at that. 

    I turned to TT and mainly fell in love with the interval training especially with the use if bodyweight my fat percentage has decreased and I am looking bigger and leaner than I could of visioned two years ago.

    I have recently started kick boxing (being a previously unsporty man) this means the world to me. I travel alot back home and the TRX would help me carry on my way to my perfect physique having nothing stand in my way. Intact the people who use to bully me have became out if shame with no muscle and lots of fat now that’s justice!!


  101. janita says:


    Love the farm stories as I grew up on a farm and recently moved our kiddos to an Old MacDonald’s Farm. I would love to work out with the TRX on our farm too!

    I am also a CPT and work at our local Y, who recently bought 12 TRX’s for their new TRX classes. And I get to teach it! Yahoo! But, I am a newbie, and I am on a huge learning curve. So, if I had my very own TRX on my very own farm, I would be a much better instructor/coach!

    I also teach Boot Camp at the Y in the a.m.s and would like to be a TT Member so I can have a system for them. Creative, fun and butt-kicking workouts are good, but why don’t I just use what the Master Teachers use to get the best results?

    Also, are you having a TT Challenge soon? I am feeling the need to get to the next level with my fitness.

    THanks for this opportunity!

    PS We also have a chocolate lab with six pack abs. He gets those from chasing the red-tailed hawks, bunnies, horses and his occasional excursions around the countryside with his buddy, Cowboy.

  102. Dan says:

    Just going to keep it simple With work and 3 boys, all playing soccer now, I don’t have time to get to the gym. I could use the TRX at the boys practices to get my workouts in.
    Over the last 2-3 years I’ve gained about 15 bad pounds. I know I’ve get to get back at it but the kids come first.

  103. David says:

    Craig- I would be honored to win the TRX for several reasons. First and foremost is that over the last several years, I “let myself go” when my wife was pregnant and then after our son was born. He is now 6 and is a ball of energy. I just can’t keep up with him. I have reprioritized where my health and fitness come in life, and have begun training the Turbulence Training way. The more that I can do at home so my son can see my commitment, the better role model I become, instead of sticking him in the day care room at the gym- he can ” train” with me. He’s already a monster both on the Soccer pitch and the monkey bars. The TRX would really add to the home gym which as of now consists of bands, 2 medicine balls, a Swiss ball and a foam roller. I don’t know that I deserve it any more than anyone else- but setting the example for my son to lead a fit life- well that’s priceless. Thanks for your consideration.

  104. Pasit says:


    (Your) “TRX deserves a good home!”, said my wife when she read about the give away. Being in our home the TRX will fulfil its Raison d’etre by helping us stay fit, reaching our fitness goals and having fun doing it. Basically, we’ll definitely put it to good use.

    I have been on various TT programs since May/11. My wife has also become a big fan of the programs and your blogs. For a couple of months now we have been using tie down straps I picked up on sale at Canadian Tire along with a couple of PVC tubes for handles for TRX exercises. Our youngest son (5 yr old) is also a frequent user himself. He’s been able to immitate the Mt Climbs, Inverted Rows, and Jackknife. His personal favorite though is using the straps as swing harness (not prescribed in your programs).

    Considering this home made piece is already a big hit, winning a real TRX would be absolutely over the top like getting a dream fitness toy for a family of eager and consistent users.

    My wife and I will be able to work out along side each other, to be good fitness role models for the little ones and continue to inspire each other in maintaining a healthy and fit life style.

    In closing, I’d like to thank you for offering the chance to win such invaluable piece of equipment, for continuing to be a great motivator and sharing your endless wisdom in fitness training.

  105. Cody says:

    To be real im obsessed with going to the gym but living 30 minutes away on my grandmothers farm and working a rotating shift i can never get the results i want. I have to help my grandma around the farm because we have no one else to help us and i cant so no to her so i end up skipping my workouts alot.. i read mens health alot and when i seen this i thought it was the best idea EVERRR!! and that i have to have this and whether or not i get this from you im gonna be searching everywhere to find it!! 🙂

  106. doug says:

    i would love a trx because im tired of getting bullied in school and i dont have any workout equipment because the economy is bad.. Also i would love to be able to start on my football team

  107. Janalyne says:

    I would love to have a TRX because they are so fun and versatile (I tried on at a friend’s house). I am moving from Colorado to Las Vegas at the end of the month and won’t have as much space to train so one of these would be great. I’d use it for fun exercises like hanging planks and mountain climbers and many more – plus it would be great to use with my clients for in-home training.

  108. Mike Noreck says:

    I have been using TT work outs for over a year now. Your mission has totally inspired me. Turbulence Training has been pushing me to set the bar higher for myself and my family. Together my wife, daughter and two sons have a new bond through fitness and TT. Unfortunately,the thrill of fall sports with the kids and me being a youth football coach, we are finding that getting a work out in is becoming bit of a challenge. We don’t have enough time in the day to make it all happen. The TRX would be an excellent tool to have at the house. With the little time we have available we could get a killer Metabolic Resistance work out in with out the drive to the gym and having to use modifiers due to lack of equipment, or space.
    You have alot of entries to choose from. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read mine. This is another amazing opportunity that you are making available.

  109. Sylvester Louis says:

    Hi Craig

    I would totally welcome the use of the TRX system to complement my fat loss program. I am based in Durban, South Africa and we are fast approaching summer. The gym I use is at varsity and not that well equipped. The upmarket gyms here are expensive and crowded. I can’t afford them anyway. Word is if you don’t wear the latest gear you guaranteed to get a few funny looks. So it would be very cool to continue at varsity gym and use the TRX in my backyard at home to help me achieve my beach body by Dec 2011 . I would encourage friends & family members to join me thereby assisting them to get in shape.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this competition.
    I am a huge fan.

  110. laurita says:

    Craig, I would love this. I’m a trainer who works w amazing ladies in the small town of college place, Washington and I am always looking for exciting and challenging ways to keep these ladies interested and seeing results. I would love to use this for myself which I believe is a great way to be an example for my awesome clients.

    Never giving up
    In College Place.

  111. Helen H says:

    I think you should give one to ‘Angela with the 5 kids under 10’. I think she is amazing and this would be a great help to mix up her exercise programme.
    I should get the other one! I have just started my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, this will enable me to become a personal trainer. As you know this entails ongoing training & equipment purchases.
    I am going to be getting additional certification in; Kettle bells, boxing/pad work, TRX etc… Obviously all of these cost $$ and to win some free equipment that I can carry along with me to sessions would be brilliant….everything is more expensive here in Australia…..

  112. George says:

    I’m in Law Enforcement and it’s important to stay in good shape. I am also an Army veteran that has compression spine fractures and shoulder injuries from parachuting. Most of my workouts are from doing P90X, Dr. K’s DEFL, and your turbulance trainng. Since my job requires me to travel the P90X becomes difficult to keep up with and DEFL requires some dumbbells and I am to a point where some additional resistance on the body weight exercises would be great. Enter the TRX system. I went to their website and You Tube and watched a few videos and saw the small little bag that it rolls up in to. I could take this with me on trips, work in the basement of my home or outside when the weather permits (which would be really nice). Then I started thinking about the modifications I could do to the turbulance training exercises, by adding simple things from my son’s sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, and his pushup bars) the variations are almost endless and low cost / maintenance (important when I have one child in college and another starting in a couple of years). At the age of 46, I lost 35 lbs in 18 months and have kept it off for over 4 years. Now at the age of 50, I am still seeking the 6 pack abs and getting into even better shape. Thanks for listening to me ramble on and the opportunity to enter the contest.

  113. Charles says:


    I already picked one of these up about 3 months ago and love it…. Been waiting for you to make a TT workout to go along with it… 🙂

  114. Jeff says:

    Hey Craig,

    I live over in S. Korea and the gyms in the city where I live are loaded with machines and very limited selection of free weights. I had purchased some dumbells with about 40kgs of weight. With that I have been able to do great workouts for the legs and upper body, however chest is lacking a bit because i only do bodyweight push-ups. Anyways I don’t have much time these days as I have just started my masters in Kinesiology and work full-time as an English teacher. The TRX would be a most welcome addition to what I already do.


  115. Tim says:


    First off thanks for all of the great TT workouts and for the inspiration to help others make lasting change in their lives. This is yet another example of how integrity plays such a big part in your life. I hope whoever wins this realizes just what has been given to him/her. It’s not about the tool…it’s about the life you can build with it. All of that being said…

    The way I would use the TRX would be to enhance my TT/Kettlebell workouts much in the same manner as you outlined in your “review”. That looks like a pretty tough workout. I have been utilizing bodyweight workouts for years to supplement my Martial Arts training. Since being introduced to TT, your workouts have become a staple in my training. I lost 70 lbs of unwanted body fat that I gained after my knee surgeries and found that bodyweight squats can be just as effective as weighted squats…especially if you have a 50+ lb kettlebell extended overhead!

    I would use the TRX when I take my dog out for “training” at the local park down the street from my house. He’s a Bull Terrier and has lots of energy so it’s important that I get him out and running every day. After his training time I have mine…a TT bodyweight workout. The TRX system would be a great addition to my training time in the park. Its portability is one of the best features. I could take it with me anywhere…to work to train at lunch, on the road, on a plane…anywhere.

    Now…the reason(s) I would LIKE to win this training system…and has been mentioned by others, I am not any more deserving than the next person…but…I have been dying to get my hands on one of these. My biggest problem…I simply cannot afford it. I am a single dad with 2 children. Everything I earn goes to keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, lights burning bright & my children’s education.

    I also recently underwent emergency foot surgery. I had an injury to my right foot that literally overnight got out of control and became infected. I almost lost my foot but for the efforts of one great orthopedist to whom I shall be eternally grateful. The main factor that made this a success story is that the doc said I had such great circulation and nerve conduction in my feet basically as a result of all the training I had been doing. TT training!

    So now I am home recovering from the surgery, both feet intact (I have been off my feet for 3 weeks!). I have begun walking somewhat normally again and have resumed some upper body training, some light kettlebell training. A TRX would do nicely in this situation to help get me back on my feet again and back to serious training.

    I truly believe the TRX is the missing piece of the puzzle for me…but not just what it would do for me…but what I could help others achieve by teaching them to use it, starting with my children. I also have two neighbors who are having problems with their weight. I showed them some bodyweight exercises to do as well as encouraging them to come to the park with me just to walk if for nothing else. I think the outdoors, the TRX, TT and positive energy might just help them turn the corner on their weight loss efforts.

    In closing I want to thank you again Craig for the great workouts, the inspiration & the opportunity to share in this forum. Congratulations in advance to the winner…whoever it may be.

    TT Bodyweight Training + Kettlebells + TRX = AMAZING RESULTS! Train from the heart!

  116. Theresa says:

    Hi Craig. I have 2 small kids and my husband and I both use your program in our shed at home, using basic equipment (like the kids swing frame, coffee table for bench and step ups etc) but we seem to both want to use equipment and adjustable dumbbells at the same time!!! Please kindly donate TRX and stop the squabbling over who needs to use the equipment first!!!!! Have recommended your programs to everyone and we have been doing them for 2 years…love them! SAVE MY SANITY!
    Thank you. Theresa, Roma,QLD, Australia

  117. Rich says:

    I am a police officer and I am on our counties SWAT team. Physical fitness is very important in my life and profession. If I am not physically fit someone could get hurt when I am called upon to help someone in need. I have spent many years “pumping iron” and now I hate to go to a gym and lift weights. I have looked at the TRX system and it looks like it is something that can help me and my fellow officers. I love how simple and portable it is. Thanks for your time ad offering such a great training program.

  118. Grant says:

    Craig,I’d like a TRX to enhance my home gym and my travel gym. With my own collection of shoulder and knee issues, I’d like to work on my stability and flexibility and I think the TRX can help me with that. So hook me up and lets get started training.

  119. Ben says:

    The reason I would like the trx suspension kit is because I am in the british army and unlike the us forces we don’t have access to equipment like this! It will be easy to pack and take to afgan and I will be using it to do some metabolic resistance training maybe some tabatta intervals and meathead workouts to keep me strong and fit in the fight against the talaban!
    Keep up the awesome work craig
    Cheers Ben
    PS your tweets keep me motavaited!!

  120. Paula says:

    Hi Craig,

    I don’t have access to a gym at the moment so I try to workout at home. I do TT bodyweight stuff and I especially like the hotel room routine as it requires no equipment whatsoever. But my upper body strength is not yet enough to crank out dozens of push-ups and I would really like to have some variety in my upper body training. I want to have lean, defined arms; I value them more than abs. It sounds like TRX training would give me the variety and hopefully the results I am looking for. The equipment would be put to good use.

  121. Lynn says:

    I’d love a TRX system because it would help me Rock the 50’s (my B-day was last week)!

  122. Drew Hasbrook says:

    I am in the Coast Guard and a TRX would be the perfect way to stay in shape while I am out at sea on a Cutter.

  123. Sarah L says:

    I’ve used TRX during a bootcamp and LOVED it. I do contract work, so being able to be flexible in my time is key which means lots of home workouts. TRX training would be perfect!

  124. Stuart Smith says:

    I am a 56 year old father of 4. I was diagnosed with arthritis in the lower back a few years ago and was told by my physiotherapist that I needed to strengthen my core muscles in order to better manage the condition. I used to get lots of exercise when I worked as a boilermaker but since I changed careers and became a computer programmer, I do a lot more sitting. My paunch grew and I found myself carrying around more weight than I needed to. Following my therapist’s advice I began doing sit-ups and various other “core” exercises but the “cure” only seemed to increase my back problems. When I picked up a “Men’s Health” magazine at the local store I discovered planks and other core exercises. That is also where I met Craig Ballantyne for the first time. My perception of working out and my exercise routine changed forever. I have quietly incorporated many of the concepts taught by Craig into my routine and, while my goal was to strengthen my core and not to lose weight, I found myself 4 kgs lighter. Many family members commented on the re-designing that had taken place. I achieved this just by doing the bodyweight exercises prescribed. It has gotten so that I feel out-of-sorts if I miss a few sessions I suppose the exercising has become a way of life now for me – not that I’m complaining. If there’s anything I don’t mind being addicted to, it’s the dopamine.
    I discovered kettlebells recently but couldn’t afford them, so I made some out of old denim pants cut roughly in the shape of a kettlebell with sand filling for weight. To have a TRX of my own would be just heavenly. I could do so many of the routines I’ve watched on youtube and then adjusted to suit because I didn’t have the equipment. MMMmmmm I salivate at the possibility of owning my very own TRX.

  125. Stuart Smith says:

    I am a 56 year old father of 4. I was diagnosed with arthritis in the lower back a few years ago and was told by my physiotherapist that I needed to strengthen my core muscles in order to better manage the condition. I used to get lots of exercise when I worked as a boilermaker but since I changed careers and became a computer programmer, I do a lot more sitting. My paunch grew and I found myself carrying around more weight than I needed to. Following my therapist’s advice I began doing sit-ups and various other “core” exercises but the “cure” only seemed to increase my back problems. When I picked up a “Men’s Health” magazine at the local store and discovered planks and other core exercises. That is also where I met Craig Ballantyne for the first time. My perception of working out and my exercise routine changed forever. I have quietly incorporated many of the concepts taught by Craig into my routine and, while my goal was to strengthen my core and not to lose weight, I found myself 4 kgs lighter. Many family members commented on the re-designing that had taken place. I achieved this just by doing the bodyweight exercises prescribed. It has gotten so that I feel out-of-sorts if I miss a few sessions I suppose the exercising has become a way of life now for me – not that I’m complaining. If there’s anything I don’t mind being addicted to, it’s the dopamine.
    I discovered kettlebells recently but couldn’t afford them, so I made some out of old denim pants cut roughly in the shape of a kettlebell with sand filling for weight. To have a TRX of my own would be just heavenly. I could do so many of the routines I’ve watched on youtube and then adjusted to suit because I didn’t have the equipment. MMMmmmm I salivate at the possibility of owning my very own TRX.

  126. Jami says:

    Hi there Craig! Thanks for the opportunity! I love the TRX system.. for many reasons. Not only does it give me awesome core results, but since I have Multiple Sclerosis, I have some major balance issues. I use the TRX station at my gym for a lot of my exercises. Lumping lunges, body weight squats and tuck jumps. Since I have these balance issues I am not able to do some of the body weight workouts in my home, and sometimes its really hard to get to the gym. I think that having the coveted TRX system in my home would really give me that edge for my home workouts!
    Thanks Again. Jami

  127. Ray says:

    I don’t deserve a TRX at all. I am a fit 40, do TT and other exercise regularly, and watch your posts for continuing training tips.
    Why do I want a TRX? I have five children, one on the way. My wife and I know that a holistic educational experience for them includes not only rich academic work, but also great physical challenges. Your blog post of the farm reminded me of the hours of climbing, running, jumping I spent on the farm I grew up on. The TRX would, in limited space, provide my family with a huge variety of “feats of strength” exercise that each member will love –think Family Circuit, rather than Family Circus ;-).
    I appreciate the thought, and your work,

  128. CG says:

    The TRX is like the new jumprope: an easily portable, instant workout. I like the idea of keeping it in my car for road trips, or throwing it in my suitcase for family visits and travel. Everyone in my family doesn’t have a basement gym or even a membership with guest passes. So I am going to need to have a solid plan this holiday season. I am going to include extra reps of EVERYTHING on the TRX since I MAY be having extra bites of holiday foods and sweets.

  129. Blaise says:

    I have long wanted a TRX trainer because it’s a neat piece of gear and because I saw it as a way to do many things without the need of investing hundreds of dollars in equipment and dedicating precious floor space to said equipment. It would be a great adjunct to my TT routines. Will I get one? Probably not as there are more compelling stories listed here. More deserving people. Just posting to let you know that I read your emails. Never give up!

  130. Beverly says:

    Ooooh! A TRX would be super–I’ve been lusting after one for some time now. The nearest gym is 30 miles away. It would be the perfect item for me to increase the effectiveness of the bodyweight workouts I do. And perfect for traveling!

  131. Robert says:


    I’m currently participating in the TT transformation contest. I’ve been following your posts for the last 3 years while I’ve been working in conflict zones around the world supporting violence-affected communities with strategies to create their own security and transform problems nonviolently. This year alone, I’ve been in 15 countries. With all the traveling, I rarely have access to a gym and have put on 12 kilos in the last 2 years due to the discomforts of war and the tropics.

    While bodyweight/metabolic workouts and running intervals—when I have a secure enough space to do it—work well, I would be thrilled to have a lightweight tool that I could pack (especially for better back workouts…when I don’t have a tree limb to do pullups on) that could help take me to the next level of fitness and aid me in my goal to place in the TT transformation contest. I’m already down 5 kilos, but I would be grateful for anything you and Bally could do to help with the rest of the campaign.

    Thanks for everything you already do.


  132. I deserve the TRX equipment because well I need a boost. You see, I love working out, I coach hockey and I need a teaching job. I am currently a certified business teacher in Ontario but like many I am looking for work and have been for just under a year. I am also starting a second teachable in phys-ed. This has been a frustrating and arduous process trying to get work and quite honestly, if I get the TRX equipment it is my way of saying things are going to be ok and that I will get that teaching job I have earned. I just need the boost.

    On the same note, with a TRX I have more equipment that I can use to teach students and help them live a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, I can use them to help the AAA hockey players I coach. Help them with their warm ups, and getting stronger. And I can use them to teach my wife how she can workout anywhere, and I can too. Especially since this weekend I am travelling to Windsor for hockey with the hotel lacking a decent workout area this would be a perfect fit to get my workout in. Lastly, for my daughter is 14 months old and I want her to love fitness as much as I do, and when I do use I know she will want to play around with handles and when I win I will send a picture of her with it.

  133. Theresa says:

    I would LOVE to add TRX to my home workout program. I have your TT program and love it! I’m sure this would be an awesome enhancement…and the variety wouldn’t hurt either! Having lost 50 pounds in the last year, I can use all the help I can get in getting some definition on my body!

  134. Neil says:

    Craig –

    Father of one here, soon to be a father of two. I work about 70 hours per week and I am limited to using my home gym for the majority of my workouts. Before I became “hooked” on Turbulence Training, I ballooned up to 228 pounds. At 5’10”, that’s not a good look, unless you are a college linebacker or NFL running back. After 5 months of your program, I am down 4+ pants sizes, 30 pounds and about 8 percent body fat. I’ve been skeptical of some of your suggestions in the past (limited sets, working out 3 days a week instead of 5, no crunches, WTF kettlebells), but after getting my body fat percentage down to 11.5%, I’m a true believer. If you say TRX works, it works, and I’m eager to try.


  135. Shanna says:

    If I’m being completely honest, I don’t have an overwhelmingly compelling reason, other than the fact that I really want one, and would put it to great use. I’ve been coveting the TRX ever since I saw Rachel Cosgrove use one, and then the numerous times I’ve seen you post about it on TT have made me want one even more. They have one at my gym, but you’re only allowed to use it with a trainer. I travel quite a bit, and would love to have a TRX to take with me wherever I go, to add that extra resistance element to my workouts. Upper body strength is what I need the most work on, and TRX is the perfect complement.


  136. Beth says:

    I think I deserve to win because it’s my 50th birthday on the day you are doing the drawing! 🙂 I would put it to use because I live in the rural mountains (your story of selling your mom’s place made me think of my boys, who are growing up not quite on a farm, but almost) and it takes too long to drive to a gym so I work out at home.

  137. Aeran says:

    Hi Craig,

    I recently switched to home-based bodyweight and kettlebell work outs to save on time and money. Your website has helped me to make that transition. I deserve (would really love) the TRX as a way to add some variety to my home workouts and challenge myself.

  138. kyle steyn says:

    hey craig
    im from the south coast of a province called kwa zulu natal in south africa.
    I wouuld really love to win a trx as this fine piece of equipment is not even known in our small little province.
    I want to get people out of this body building routine of bicep curls and tricep push downs and take them into the world of suspension training that will totally blow their minds.
    i really need this to grow and expand my business.
    thanks craig

  139. Mark says:

    Hello Craig. Thanks so much for your generous offer.

    I am almost 50 and the TRX would be hugely beneficial to me to give more flexibility and strength without additional equipment. It would hit my stabilizing muscles. I would use the TRX mostly for bodyweight weight exercises found in TT workouts. I’m not looking at getting a huge, but would like to be toned and defined in my body. I would use it outdoors as well as when I travel. It’s a perfect fit for me.

  140. Jennifer says:


    I would like to own this to prove a point to my husband, and maybe get him involved in my workouts too. He told me that I am too heavy to do the TT workouts, that I first need to do lots of cardio and loose weight before I can add bodyweight exercises, etcetera to my routine. I would like a chance to change his mind. He actually bought me a recumbant bike, I don’t really care for it much, but I am a money miser and use it for that reason. I would have preferred a treadmill.

    He thinks that doing bodyweight exercises while overweight is adding too much muscle weight and not reducing the fat. This might be something to get him involved in working out with me, which would be a great assest for both of us.

  141. Julio says:

    I need it because I travel a lot and most of the time don’t have access to a full gym most of the times. Also trying to get one of these here in Mexico it’s a little bit complicated, so this is a golden opportunity.

    This will also add an interest twist to my travel workouts.

    One more thing, it would be a nice addition to my home gym and add it to the routines of my brother and sisters, they need some new challenging stuff.

    So, not only I will take advantage of it, also my family is going to take the advantage of using the TRX

  142. Leo Williamson says:

    There’s 4 men who meet at my house 3 days a week to do Turbulence Training together — as you say, good times! Great support group, encouragement, etc. All making great progress on our weightloss and muscle building goals. But we don’t have any equipment — no kettlebells, no barbells, no dumbbells, just good ol’ bodyweight (doing pull-ups on the back of the porch stairs!) The TRX would be an awesome addition — it would be like giving away 4 TRX’s, as we’d all use the one together! TRX + TT = INCREDIBLE!

  143. Leo Williamson says:

    There’s 4 men who meet at my house 3 days a week to do Turbulence Training together. We’re all making great progress towards our weightloss and muscle building goals. Good support group, great encouragement, etc. But we have no equipment — no kettlebells, no dumbbells, no barbells, nothing — we’re doing pull-ups on the back of the porch stairs! Having a TRX would be a great addition to our program, and it would get 4 times the use — it’d be like giving away 4 TRX’s, since we’d all use it. TRX + TT = INCREDIBLE!!

  144. Michael says:

    My wife and I are expecting twin girls within a week and having a TRX system at home would be a huge help with our soon-to-be sleepless nights. I know the weight gain of a twin pregnancy has been difficult on my wife and an additional system of body weight workouts would help her work her way back into shape. I can say that the TRX system would allow me much more flexibility in scheduling my workouts in between feedings and naps

  145. Tanya says:

    Although I don’t feel like I deserve to win the TRX more than anyone else here, on a personal level I feel I could truly accept a free TRX because of the changes I have made this year, in no small part because of Turbulence Training. After almost a decade of not being able to lose weight, and being in much physical pain (and mental!), I have lost 16 kgs and am not stopping. I listened to what Craig had to say about his workouts, and I believed him and trusted the process. So I started with just a beginner TT workout, and I could not even finish it and then couldn’t workout again for 4 days. But like I said, I trusted the process and now am completing Intermediate workouts (various – TT for Abs, Booty etc)and aiming to do Advanced within 2 months. I would not have entered a competition like this 6 months ago, because deep down I would have known I don’t deserve it, but I’ve worked so darn hard this year I feel I have earned the right to have a go at winning. How would I incorporate the TRX? I can’t do a chin-up yet, so I know I would use the TRX to help me build up to that. I see the TRX helping me build my strength to perform exercises like rows, and push ups and other pulling exercises in the TT workouts- so a lot of upper body work. I’ve also had some back and shoulder issues which I believe the TRX is also helpful to rehabilitate. Thanks for the opportunity Craig and for how much you have already helped me.

  146. Dana Tennie says:

    I am a mother to 2 boys and would love to take my training to the next level as well as continue to be a positive role model for my sons. It would be a great way for our family to “train” together, sharing quality time while promoting lifelong healthy habits. I try to lead by example, and I can think of no better way to get kids involved than to make it challenging and fun at the same time. I think this would also give me a competative edge in the upcoming BodyBuilding competition I am training for!! I am looking forward to the new conditioning this apparatus will bring!

  147. Shawn says:

    First about me:

    I’ve started the Abs diet about 2 weeks ago and have luckily lost 10 pounds (still 30 to go). Even my girlfriend is excited about the progress. I work out as much as I can but it’s very difficult because of my work schedule (8:15am to 5 or 6pm), school schedule (out at 10:30ish) and trying to get my 8 hours of sleep (usually only 7).

    That’s my Monday through Friday and the weekend is filled with trying visit the girlfriend.

    It’s tough I’ll admit. To get gym time which is how I out on the lbs anyways.

    Win or not I’m going to make the time. Also no matter what, I’m going to continue to lose weight.

    Good luck to everyone!

  148. Dan Dunn says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’m a 54 year grandfather who enjoys working out without actually working out, which means I like physical fun. I kayak, garden, cut wood, build, hike etc. Your workout programs seem just like all the other fun things I do, working out without feeling like I’m working out. I must admit I also like toys. I’m a sucker for a new paddle or Swedish made hand cultivator I can’t afford. So after checking out the TRX man, I’m hooked a new toy to keep grandpa (or pappa to the grandkids)fit and active. Your programs have fit into my busy life and keep the grandkids squealing withe delight watching pappa do a Spiderman climb! Keep up the good work.

    Just a note, I heard all those snickers about gardening. I REAL gardener knows after and afternoon weeding, transplanting, moving rocks, picking, processing etc. that the sweat and sore muscles are for real. Plus a bonus, as you know Craig form your homestead the beauty and satisfaction or “Working Out” in the graden.

    Take Care.

  149. France Plamondon says:

    Well, this is funny I just got certified this past Sunday and would love to win this because I can start practicing what I’ve learn. I am still sore and love it. It is an amazing tool to have and I am really happy to be certified now.I have to get one and start using it for myself and in my Boot camp classes.


  150. Aaron Mulvaney says:

    Hello Craig,

    I have been using your TT workouts for the past 4 years with great results. My only complaint is that I can’t do any pullups at home and that is where these TRX systems will come into play. I was doing BB inverted pulls back in the 300, 500, 1000 challenges and still do today without the TRX. But the TRX could change that and give me a whole new way to exercise and follow your workouts over the next 5 years. Thanks, Aaron

  151. Scott says:

    Probably the biggest reason I need a TRX is so that I can help TT reach 1 million people and transform them. Since getting the first TRX everyone wants to use it but with just the one it’s hard. As well, my partner is a bit jealous because she doesn’t have one to use with her clients. But most of all when you asked Alwyn to pick ‘one’ piece of equipment he chose the TRX. So basically I need the TRX because Alwyn says so.
    Keep Inspiring Craig!!!

  152. Jaime Martinez says:

    I’m in the Navy. There aren’t too many places to work out on the ship during a 6-8 month deployment. So that being said I would like to win a TRX kit so that I can workout anywhere on the ship at at any time.

  153. Mark Doucette says:

    I just read a post that said a guy deserves it because he is in the Navy. Not to take away from his service but I know for a fact there is a gym on EVERY boat. As a Marine I have spent many of days on boat and we always hog the gym as there is nothing for us to do.

    I know the contest is over. However, if you come across another to give away I would gladly take it. I do have gyms on base. The gyms are at a minimum 15 miles away from my location but I have them.

    I do however go to places such as Afghanistan, train in the field for weeks and many other places. Spend a lot of time on ranges as a master gunner and being able to hang the TRX from the stairs going to the tower or from a vehicles makes the excuses of not being able to workout go out the window. I did have a TRX that a guy left behind on my last deployment to Afghanistan for us and myself and my team used it daily or as often as possible. Like the Marine that left it for us I left it for my relief. I would love one to put at home so I can continue the TRX challenging workouts. The workouts I got from the TRX are better than anything I’ve done in the gym. More fun too.

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