Total Body Workouts

Total Body Workouts – Your Weapon of Fat Destruction

I had two choices: 1) Hit the gym for a fat-burning total body workout, or 2) Have a stare-down with the cookies my wife brought home thanks to her Mom.

Bonus points for the right decision – I chose #1. The workout included Bulgarian Squats, DB Chest Presses, Cable Rows and Ab Wheel Rollouts, with a workout finisher of Bodyweight Jump Squats and Decline Push-ups. Not one muscle group went untouched, which is one of my secrets of staying lean.

I certainly wasn’t planning on “annihilating” my biceps or shoulders for an hour. For one thing, I don’t like wasting my time. I also don’t enjoy over-use injuries.

Here’s What Didn’t Work

I remember years ago when I first decided to drop my gut once and for all, I would go into the gym and hit my back with about 6 different exercises, and that was day 1. Day 2 was all about the chest. Day 3 was my “cardio day”, in which I would hit the treadmill and daydream between everything I have to get done (I was in the corporate world then) and how cool it would be to introduce Christina Applegate as my girlfriend to my friends and family. The week continued with this type of unproductive chaos.

Two things weren’t going to happen. One was me continuing to lose fat by doing a workout from the 20th century, and the other… well c’mon, you know… the whole Christina Applegate thing. Let me continue about the first thing…

Here’s What Did Work

I found myself in a rut and I was also bored. What I was doing was certainly better than sitting on the couch and it initially got me results. But eventually, my body wasn’t changing. I finally discovered and introduced total body workouts and intervals into my workout regimen and things started to happen. I was dropping fat, yet I was working out less. I went from working out 5-6 days a week to 3 days a week, yet I was getting far better results. My shoulders started to pop out. My arms had more definition than ever before. My belly fat was finally shrinking.

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on total body workouts. For one thing, it saves me time so I can spend less time in the gym and more time with my family and my fitness business. It also makes it easier to keep the 105 lbs of fat I used to carry from creeping back up.

Now don’t think I spend 3 hours in the gym to hit my entire body. It’s not like I spend my time with Tricep Push-downs and Crunches. I use exercises that give me a better return for time invested like Pull-ups, Squats, Chest Presses and Rows; and then I end my workouts with a fat-blasting finisher. My finishers are like a form of interval training but I like finishers more because they hit more muscles, burning more calories. For example, I will perform 3-4 supersets of DB Swings and Spiderman Push-ups… good times.

Effective Total Body Workouts

Now since I’m a Turbulence Training fan and TT trainer, I use TT workouts … duh. But there’s a reason why. When it comes to total body workouts, I find Turbulence Training to be short, effective and easy to stick to in the long term, which is extremely important for anyone wanting to make a lasting, permanent change. That’s why I use them with my clients. C’mon, you can give 3 days a week for around 45 minutes.

Hey Ladies!

Females really love total body workouts because they help firm up trouble-spot areas because of the extra caloric burn. It kills me to see women hit my gym and go back and forth between the inner-outer thigh machines. If you focus on the overall caloric burn hitting all your major muscle groups, you will find that your trouble spots will no longer be trouble along with a good nutrition program. These kinds of workouts also help you with the lean, athletic look you’re looking for rather than bulking up. A good program of DB exercises and bodyweight exercises is what I find work best with females.

Gain Muscle with Total Body Workouts

Men, you may think that working your whole body is just for women, but if you want to get rid of that football beer gut or even gain muscle, then hit the whole body. It works. Let’s compare:

Let’s say you’re on a split program where you hit your chest on Mondays. Even if you work out every week, that means you’re hitting your chest 52 times a year. Now imagine doing 3 total body workouts every week. That means you’re hitting your chest 156 times a year. Would someone get better at playing the piano with 52 lessons or 153 lessons? Now ask yourself if your chest would grow better by stimulating it 52 times or 153 times. Boom goes the truth dynamite.

Besides, if you’re in the gym and doing 6 different exercises for your chest, be honest with yourself. You wouldn’t be able to sustain the same intensity in the 6th exercise than the 1st exercise. Total body workouts are where it’s at.

Bust Your Fat Loss Plateau

If your nutrition is in check, you will find working your entire body 3-4 times a week a good way of busting through a fat loss plateau. They also help you with losing those last few pesky 5-15 lbs of annoying fat.

Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainer


What’s the Best Total Body Workout System?

metabolic finishersHonestly, the best one is the one you can stick to, which is why I like the Turbulence Training style workouts. But I find Craig’s “Metabolic Resistance Training” one of the best workouts I ever completed. It was fun, challenging (both mentally and physically), and very effective. I have used a modified version of it with a couple of my clients and they absolutely loved it. It’s the perfect mix of strength training and metabolic training, bringing a new dynamic to total body workouts.

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