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TRX Exercises

TRX exercises are the way to go when you want to workout without equipment. You’ve probably noticed these in your gym, or at a local park. They are the black and yellow straps, and I know trainers from every part of the globe that has been using the TRX equipment in their workouts.

You’ve seen beautiful girls using the TRX in bootcamp workouts and even bodybuilders use the TRX when looking for the extra edge in their muscle building workouts. There’s not a single person exercising in the gym that wouldn’t benefit from suspension training with a TRX or similar piece of equipment.

When you first use the TRX you’ll be shocked at how every exercise seems to work your body in a way that can only be replicated with this suspension training (that’s the industry term for using rings or TRX straps for exercises like pushups, rows, dips, etc.).

Your body needs to stay perfectly straight in pushups and rows, and your abs will feel it. Plus, when you do moves like “TRX Fallouts”, you’ll work your abs just as hard as you would when using an ab wheel or stability ball. So get ready to build six-pack abs with these unique bodyweight exercises.

Among the most popular TRX exercises seems to be the Atomic Pushup. This is a combination of a bodyweight jackknife and pushup. You can do a similar movement with a stability ball, but nothing beats the TRX for suspension on this exercise. It adds an extra element of difficulty, as you’ll find with almost every movement. If you want to work your body harder than ever, the TRX is one of the most hardcore ways of exercising with just a tiny piece of equipment. Sure beats lugging a kettlebell around for kettlebell workouts.

Of course, what really matters are the amazing results you’ll get with the TRX when combined with bodyweight exercises. This is why these movements are so popular in bootcamp workouts designed to get you six-pack abs.

Favorite TRX Exercises

My favorite TRX exercises are the TRX Fallout, TRX bodyweight triceps extensions, TRX biceps curls, and the wide variety of TRX bodyweight rows. But I shouldn’t neglect pushups. You can do every pushup variation possible with the TRX, including the difficult Spiderman pushups, close-grip pushups for your triceps, pike pushups, grasshopper pushups, and regular pushups. Add in a slow, controlled decent for more eccentric muscle stimulation and you’ll boost your core training results even more with TRX exercises.

Now your workout shouldn’t be only about the upper body. While you can do a lot of pushups, and tons of bodyweight rows and rear deltoid raises (Y-movement) with your TRX equipment, it’s essential that you include lower body exercises as well. For example, you can use the TRX for assistance when doing 1-leg squats, or you can put your feet in the handle area for Bulgarian split squats.

One reason the TRX equipment stands out is your ability to use the handles as foot holds as well. That’s why you can do Atomic Pushups with the TRX while you can’t with gymnastic rings or the Blast Straps from Elite Fitness. However, to be fair, I prefer doing chin-ups, pullups, and dips with Blast Straps or traditional rings because they each have a separate anchor point.

So the TRX isn’t perfect, but it’s a fantastic exercise tool that I’ve carried all over North America, and I even used it in Lithuania and Poland during a European vacation. It’s light, fits in your bag, and can be used anywhere you have a strong tree or stable soccer crossbar to attach it.

When doing a TRX workout, I prefer to mix in bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, and suspension training into one big awesome workout. Of course, if I’m using the TRX in the gym it can compliment traditional barbell or dumbbell exercises too. You don’t have to be an equipment snob. Everything is just a tool. As Bruce Lee says, “Absorb what is useful. Discard what isn’t.” No equipment is perfect, but in some situations, TRX exercises are your best fat burning workout option.

For a TRX-only workout, I’d set up my program like this. Starting with a big bodyweight warm-up and foam rolling (without the TRX), I’d move into my first strength triset of assisted 1-leg squats followed by spiderman pushups and pullups – all using the TRX. Adjustments would need to be made for the pullup exercise.

Alternatively, I would just use a pullup bar for that movement and use the TRX for squats and pushups. Go 1 rep short of failure for each movement and do 3 rounds (or even 4) of the triset with minimal rest between exercises and 1 minute rest between trisets.

Next you’re going to use a circuit. Start with TRX chest flys, then TRX Bulgarian split squats, followed by TRX fallouts, and finish with TRX bodyweight rows. That’s what I call good times. You hit all of the hot zones of the body, from your pushing muscles to your legs to your upper back and abs. Do 3 rounds of the circuit with minimal rest.

Finally, finish off with a beach body circuit…these TRX exercises hit the muscles that you want to show off at the beach, including your six pack abs (or 6-pack abs, whatever you prefer to call them). These TRX movements are triceps extensions, biceps curls, jackknives (or pikes if you are advanced) and rear-delts (also called Y’s or T’s). Go through this circuit 3 times and your arms will be pumped and your body will be ready for the beach.

Not only will you have a great beach body, but you can actually do this workout at the beach to show off your six pack abs and muscle building efforts. If you’re an athlete, this program also works well when combined with more traditional athlete based strength and power workouts for complete development.

TRX Exercises with Turbulence Training Workouts

TRX Exercises and metabolic resistance trainingTRX exercises can be paired with plain bodyweight exercises and ab exercises to create one of the best metabolic resistance training bootcamp workouts available. That’s all you need to do to help you or your clients get amazing fat burning results.