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TRX Equipment Workout and FREE Giveaway

Today we’re going to do a TRX equipment review and look at TRX workouts that you can do outdoors, plus I’m going to get started on a FREE giveaway. We’ve been lucky here at TT Headquarters to be given three TRX’s. I use one out on the farm, as you can see from the photo to the left…more about those outdoor TRX workouts in a minute. But back to the giveaway…

This was all part of a mix-up we had at the First Ever Turbulence Training Summit back in August. I had contacted the TRX company and they agreed to donate two TRX’s for giveaways at the event. However, the TRX’s didn’t show up. Uh-oh, and we didn’t find this out until after I announced from stage that we were going to raffle-off the two (non-existent) TRX’s.

But no worries, our winners, Certified Turbulence Trainers Scott Rawcliffe and Brian Kalakey still received their prizes. We just shipped those up ourselves, thanks to Lesa Gutenkunst in the TT customer service department.

A week later the TRX company apologized and shipped me THREE TRX’s, shirts, and wall mounts. So NOW it is time to give away these three new pieces of equipment so that you can do TRX workouts in your home or backyard. I use a TRX almost once per week, whenever I take Bally the Dog out for a visit to the farm. Combined with my extensive collection of kettlebells, I can always do a great workout without going to the gym.

Now you might be wondering, what the heck does TRX stand for anyway? I had to look this up online myself, but it simply stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. I guess TBRE didn’t sound as cool as TRX…and well, I agree, it certainly doesn’t.

There are dozens of TRX exercises you can do. And while I’m a bit of a meathead and exercise snob, and I don’t do a lot of lower body work with the TRX, I really enjoy bodyweight rows of all kinds, the TRX bodyweight triceps extension, and the TRX strap fallout. Those are my three favorite, but as you’ll see in a second, I put together entire TRX workouts sometimes on the farm.

But first, let’s take a look at where I workout when I’m using the TRX equipment in my outdoor workouts. There are a couple of places I can hang up my TRX equipment, and to be honest, neither are perfect. To do a real great TT meathead TRX workout that focuses on the upper body and arms, I have to take the equipment down to a local soccer pitch.

At home on the farm, I use a laundry pole and a tree. That’s right, the picture to my left shows the TRX supported by a pole that is mainly used for my mom’s clothesline. It’s been there for over 40 years, and really only had that one use…until I strapped the TRX to it.

However, it’s not great for rows. It is good for TRX Y’s and T’s, as well as the TRX bodyweight triceps extension, and it’s okay for a standing ab fallout. This is where I’ll finish off the TRX workout that I do with kettlebells and my power wheel as well.

But I start the TRX training session with my TRX hung from a tree. This allows me to do a variety of bodyweight rows. As you can see, I need a slight boost to get into position to throw the TRX over the tree branch, and guess what I use?

If you answered a “metal pail”, you’re only part right, because that metal pail is also the lid for my mom’s compost bucket (the green bucket to the right of the tree). So it’s a little stinky and gross when I take the lid off it. Yep, pure farming TRX training. You can also see a field of soybeans in the background there, ready for harvest.

So that’s where I do my rows. And all of this is, of course, done under the watchful eye of my TRX personal trainer, who you can see below. He likes to bark out orders, and will reward you with a face lick for a good set and a job well done.

I wouldn’t call him the most conventional personal trainer in the world, but he does have six pack abs, so I listen to him. Alright, so let’s look at the actual workout I’d do with TRX exercises in the backyard. I’ll also give you an alternative total body workout.

My TT Meathead TRX Workout – Do 3 sets of 8-15 reps per exercise.

1A) Kettlebell Overhead Press
1B) TRX Bodyweight Row or Pullup

2A) TRX Bodyweight Triceps Extension
2B) TRX Y’s and T’s

3A) Power Wheel Handwalk
3B) TRX Biceps Curl

4A) TRX Ab Fallout
4B) Power Wheel Pike

That’s good fun, and a great Friday upper body metabolic resistance training workout done on the farm. You can add intervals at the end, or bodyweight cardio circuits, or jump rope, or some type of workout finisher if you want.

Alternatively, here’s a total body workout that gives you more fat loss and conditioning. You’ll do 3 sets of 8-20 reps per exercise here.

1A) Kettlebell Swings or Snatches
1B) TRX Chin-up

2A) TRX Atomic Pushup
2B) TRX Bodyweight Row

3A) TRX Bulgarian Split Squat
3B) TRX Ab Fallout

4A) TRX Bodyweight Triceps Extension
4B) TRX Y’s and T’s

Now that is good times. Again, add bodyweight circuits or intervals. I like to do sprints across this big lawn for conditioning, although my trainer is always jumping all over me – literally – during that phase of the workout.

So here’s the bottom line. You can use TRX equipment anytime, anywhere. Soldiers use them in the desert, I use them on the farm, and yes, lots of personal trainers use them in gyms too.

And now here’s YOUR chance to have your very own TRX at your house to use however you want.

To qualify to win, just write in the comments section below why YOU deserve to have a TRX equipment piece at your house and how you would use it in your Turbulence Training fat loss program.

Looking forward to your story and contest entry. I’ll pick the winner of our first TRX giveaway on Tuesday, October 4th.

Now that was one unique TRX equipment review,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer