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500 Metre Rowing Intervals

Hey guys, its Odhran McCorry from Personal Best PT here in Newry, Northern Ireland. I have been asked by Craig to share a quick thought on achieving 6 pack abs and maintaining a lean body. So here it goes…

One piece of equipment we see in every gym is a rower. Not everyone likes the rower but everyone with a gym membership could probably show you what the rower is and where it is located. Even buying a budget version of a rower for home use is relatively inexpensive. Remember every rowing workout you see does not have to be done on a fancy Concept 2 Rower in the big box gyms (although it helps to have decent equipment it is not necessary).

I find the rower is similar to the slogan used here in the UK by Marmite. You either love it or hate it. This can work massively in your favour as in most gyms I have seen there is almost always an unused rower even during peak times when treadmills and bikes may be clogged up with busy executives following a hard day at work.

Plus rowing is an excellent full body workout when performed with proper technique. The movement starts with a drive from the legs and at full extension of the legs the back muscles are used to pull the bar into the stomach region. Great movement for fat loss as the more muscles we recruit the more calories we burn, but you guys all know that from Craig’s previous posts.

500 Metre Rowing Intervals

Ok guys so let’s get off the treadmill and bikes to mix up our interval training and shock the system into fat loss mode.

This is by far my favourite workout on the rower. In fact I will not go near a rower unless I am doing these intervals as I feel they are excellent and totally worth the effort.

– Set the display on the rower to display 500m times (should display as /500m) – this is where the Concept 2 display will come in handy.
– Warm up by slowly performing 500metres at a gentle-moderate pace 4/10 intensity.
– After 500metres perform a fast 500metre effort as fast as you can 9/10 intensity – you should knock roughly 30secs-1minute off your previously recorded time so keep a mental note of each time.
– Recover by performing another 500metres at the gentler recovery intensity of 4/10.
– Repeat 500metres hard effort trying to improve on the time recorded previously. Do this for up to 6 intervals depending on fitness levels, time and goals.
– Have a notebook sitting nearby and record your best time at each workout so you can try to better your results each time.

This workout can be modified for different fitness levels by doing less intervals or shorter distances.

Hope you enjoyed the posts guys. I certainly enjoyed sharing with you. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Odhran McCorry

Odhran is a personal trainer in Newry, Northern Ireland.  You can check out his Newry Personal Training blog here.