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10 Ways to Burn More Calories

In this article from Samantha Stiyern, you’ll discover 10 ways to burn more calories to burn belly fat.

To put it into the simplest of terms, weight loss occurs when we experience a caloric deficit. We all understand that if we burn more calories than we consume, we are destined to lose weight. Here are 10 tips to give you an extra edge and a lean middle.

Plan and log your meals and snacks

Without a detailed plan of what you will eat and when you will eat it, you are almost guaranteed to over do it on calories. Studies have shown that people under estimate their daily caloric intake by 20 to 50 percent. Develop a habit of writing down what you plan to eat and keep count of the calories. It doesn’t take long before this becomes a simple task that is part of your routine. It may save you hundreds of calories a day and a calorie saved is a calorie burned.

Make protein a part of your plan

Not only is protein responsible for the growth and repair of nearly every cell in our body, it is also the macronutrient that requires the most energy to digest and process. The Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) shows that our systems work harder to digest protein than that of carbohydrate or fat, which of course translates into more calories burned. Protein also has a slower rate of digestion (approximately 2 hours) than carbohydrate (1 hour), which will help keep you feeling satiated longer, potentially leading to fewer calories consumed.

Lift heavier and lift more

By challenging yourself and increasing the weight load even slightly during your next workout, not only will you stimulate your muscles and help break through a plateau, you’ll also utilize more calories. If you’re not quite ready to up the weight, try adding one more set to each exercise in your program. If you’re really looking for an extreme, do both. Hard work certainly has its payoffs and burning fat has to be one of the best.

Crank the tunes

Professional athletes, bodybuilding competitors and Olympians alike use music to pump them up before an event and during a training session. Music has been shown to be a huge motivator and highly beneficial to performance during a workout. Think about the times you heard one your favourites on your play list and it kept you energized to go just a little faster, do one more interval or one more set.

Hit the snooze button

It may seem counter productive, but sleep actually has definite fat burning benefits and is imperative to the success of any fitness program. Any less than 7.5 quality hours of uninterrupted sleep can affect the hormones grhelin, cortisol and insulin. Grhelin is considered the hunger hormone and elevated levels trigger hunger even when food isn’t necessary. Cortisol is a stress hormone and is responsible for the storage of fat, particularly abdominal fat, and the kind most people struggle with the most. Elevated insulin levels will trigger fat storage, as well as inhibit the use of fat for energy. Making more time for a good quality sleep of 8 to 9 hours a night will aid in keeping these hormones within normal levels and allowing your body to far more efficient when it comes to burning fat and calories.

Supersets for super effects

If you want an efficient, time saving, massive fat burning workout then you will want to skip the long rests between sets and opt for supersets or circuits. Pairing opposing muscle groups and jumping from one exercise right into the next allows you to utilize your rest time as work time. When done properly with the required intensity, supersets can create a high oxygen debt that will leave you pumped and burning calories long after your shower.

Increase incidental exercise

Making some simple changes in your everyday routine can have the added bonus of using up calories almost by accident. Leave the car at home and walk or bike to work. Never take the elevator, park at the far end of the parking lot, treat the dog to an extra long walk or just get outside and play a game of tag with your kids. There are endless ways to add some calorie burning to your everyday tasks.

Take a HIIT

If High Intensity Interval Training isn’t already a staple in your routine, it certainly needs to be. Interval training is an intense, cardio workout alternating repeated, all out bursts of maximum effort with intervals of working recovery. The energy used in these workouts is huge and the excess post oxygen recovery is an added bonus, burning fat and calories for hours after your workout. It’s tough, but it’s most definitely worth the work.

Change your environment

Sometimes all we need to do in order to see an improvement is to shake things up a bit. A change of environment can do just that. If you normally work out on the treadmill, try running or hiking outside or hop on a bike and enjoy the scenery. If you usually focus on speed training, try taking a break from it and adding hill sprints instead. Take up tennis lessons, join a running club or maybe learn to swim. Anything that’s new to you will use up some extra calories if the effort is put into it.

Switch some olives for coconut

Coconut oil is a delicious way to add some fuel to your fat burning furnace and a wonderful aroma to your kitchen. Due to its molecular structure, coconut oil is more water-soluble oil and therefore transported to the liver faster than other oils, where it can be used as fuel. This process increases the metabolic rate as well. Meals containing coconut oil create a rise in the metabolism by as much as 15 percent. Since coconut oil is a highly saturated fat, you won’t want to replace all of your fats with it, but a dose a day is recommended for optimum fat burning. Try coconut oil in a protein shake for a tropical tasting treat.

Making a few small changes and mixing things up a bit can make a world of difference when it comes to a successful fat loss program. Try out some of these tips and you’re sure to see a difference in no time.