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Bootcamp Workouts – 45 Minute Workouts TT BodyWeight Style

Here’s a great bootcamp workout from Certified Turbulence Trainer, Darragh Holland. This type of bootcamp will help your clients burn fat without the use of expensive equipment. Get ready to be known as the best bootcamp workout expert in your area.

Warm- up

  1. Inchworms
  2. High Knees (Jogging on the Spot with knees coming up to hip level)
  3. Jumping Jack’s
  4. 10 seconds of each x 3 sets followed with light Dynamic Stretch
  5. 3- 5 Minutes Gone

Explanation: This will get the heart rate up and the blood flowing. The 3 exercises also make sure to target all the basic areas such as shoulders, hips, lower body etc.

A light dynamic stretch will involve movements to stretch out the groins and hamstrings in particular.

Circuit #1

Everyone gets their own space in the Hall/ Field and does the exercise that the Instructor shows.

  • Hand to Knee Plank
  • Side Hops
  • Y- Squats
  • Plank

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds and then repeat.

Apart from the plank which is held for 40 seconds and any beginners in the class can drop to the knees but still keep the hips up in order to progress to the full Plank.

Explanation: This circuit will help to strengthen the shoulders as well as really working the core with the 3 ground exercises.

The Y- Squats will get them off the floor for awhile but still work the shoulders by holding the hands up

Circuit #2

  • Spiderman Lunges
  • Cross-over Mountain Climbers
  • Push-ups

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds and then repeat.

Explanation: Again we are really engaging the core here with this circuit even though the members may not realise it.

Shoulders will be starting fatigue now and core is well worked. The Spiderman Lunges and Cross-over Mountain Climbers are getting the heart rate up and adding some cardio benefits.


14- 16 Minutes Gone

Leg Circuit

  • Hindu Squats
  • Split Squats with left leg forward
  • Split Squat with Right leg Forward

Do each exercise for 40 seconds, take 30 seconds rest and repeat
21- 23 Minutes Gone

Explanation: Now we will rest the upper body and focus on the legs. Hindu Squats are done up on the toes and slowly balancing down into a squat while still on the toes.

The split squats are done on each leg and will be really burning going into the second set.

Split Group Into 2

  • Half are jogging around the Hall/ Field
  • Half are doing Squats

Do each for 60 seconds, swap over straight away then rest for 30 seconds and repeat

26- 28 Minutes Gone

Explanation: I add in a small bit of jogging every couple of weeks for variety, fun and to add in a small bit of cardio.

Like all the other exercises/ circuits, everyone can go at the own pace with the idea that everyone is improving their own fitness level.

Partner off

  • Push- up Fives – Do for 60 seconds (Face your partner in a Push-up position, do a push- up together then clap right hands together. Do another push- up and then do left hands)
  • High Knee Sprints – 20 seconds then swap over (1 partner holding hands out about hip height with other doing sprints getting the knees up to the hands)
  • Decline Push- ups – 1 partner is down doing a push- up while the other partner holds his/ her feet up in the air. If the person is struggling with this then you can lower their feet to almost the ground and just let them hold the push- up position
  • Side Planks – 40 seconds each side (Can share a Mat if needed)
  • Birdogs – 40 seconds

Explanation: I like to pair them off as it keeps the class different and more fun than standing in the same spot or just going around circuit stations.

The first exercise is great for the shoulders and the core as they try to balance.

High knee sprints is a great way of doing sprints when you don’t have enough room in your hall/ park for sprints as they go really hard and are exhausted after it.

While their upper body got a rest during the sprints we can finish them off with decline push-ups. You can dictate how hard this will be by moving the feet higher or lower and it is amazing how many women can actually do push- ups from this position.

Then side planks and Birdogs as I try to get these into every class to strengthen the core and the low back
35- 37 Minutes Gone


boot camp workoutsStart from the bottom of the body and work the way up to the neck and shoulders. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds