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Ab Training with the TRX

Ab training with the TRX equipment is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to train your torso for six-pack abs these days. Let’s hear from Certified Turbulence Trainer Mike Whitfield on why this is so effective as part of your metabolic resistance training fat loss program.

TRX 6 Pack Abs

I honestly can’t remember the last time I did an actual crunch. I vaguely remember lying down on a mat at my gym and raising my neck and head, and “feeling” my abs contract thinking, “Ahhh yeah, 6-pack abs baby”. If I were to guess, I would say it was back in 2005, back when I listened 90’s hip-hop. I’m kidding. I still listen to that. Don’t judge me.
Anyway, I was very wrong (about the crunches, not the hip-hop music). My ritual would be to do some running followed by 3 sets of 15-20 crunches and sometimes even side crunches. You know, basically the stuff I despise these days and tell my clients to never do. Hey, we all make mistakes and we must learn from them.

Thankfully, I discovered Alwyn Cosgrove and Craig Ballantyne, who taught me through their articles and research that crunches should be extinct. Ever since I quit doing crunches and incorporated stabilizing moves like the plank, my core strength and endurance have gone through the roof.

Ab Trainig Has Evolved

Ab training exercises using the TRX, stabilization moves and endurance moves are in these days, and crunches are out. Crunches actually can strain your lower back, especially if you are overweight. That’s the harsh truth. If your lower back is weak, you can wreak havoc in the vulnerable area in the lower back. That doesn’t sound like 6-pack abs to me. I’ll even let you in on a little secret:

20 TRX Cross-Body Mountain Climbers are better for your abs than 2,000 crunches. Yep, I said them there words (I’m from GA; I can get away with that).

Some of my favorite ab exercises that do work are the varieties of planks, jackknifes, ab wheel rollouts, and cross-body mountain climbers. But let’s take ab training to the next level with some TRX ab exercises.

The TRX, a suspension trainer you can take just about anywhere, can be used to chisel out your 6-pack abs and beach body in no time. Because of the suspension, your abs have to work harder than ever to stabilize the spine. One thing that people don’t think of is that even the movements like the suspended push-up and strap tricep extensions even work your abs really well. Here are some awesomeness TRX ab exercises (and some are what you didn’t expect):

• TRX Atomic Push-up
• TRX Strap Fall-out
• TRX Spiderman Push-up
• TRX Inverted row
• TRX Cross-Body Mountain Climber

These are the moves that will give you 6-pack abs, not long, boring cardio or lower-back damaging crunches.

So, let’s put it together. I have a TRX Ab Exercise Challenge for you to try. It’s a mixture of TRX ab exercises and bodweight exercises designed to chisel out those 6-pack abs without a single crunch or sit-up. You know how I love to name my workouts, so we’re going with some originality and call it, “The TRX Ab Challenge”. Yep, I need to work on my originality. Alright, grab a stopwatch or use your phone because this is a time-based circuit.

The TRX Ab Challenge

Do the following circuit one time, resting only when needed. Time yourself, and the next time you try this TRX Ab Exercise Challenge, try to beat your previous time. You’re going to need two resources to keep up with time (stopwatch, phone, gymboss, etc., etc.) and you will see why with the first exercise. You will be timing a couple of exercises as well as how long it takes to complete the entire circuit. Don’t pour the Hate-orade on me.

1) Plank (3 minutes) – with good form, break these 3 minutes into the necessary chunks to reach a grand total of 3 minutes. For example, you would do the plank for 1 minute, rest a few seconds, then do it for 30 secs, rest, etc., etc. until you reach a total of 3 minutes… unless you can go 3 minutes straight with GOOD form. Then you’re all that and a bag of chips.

2) TRX Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (20 ea)

3) Side Plank (2 minutes ea side) – done in the same manner as the plank above

4) TRX Suspended Push-up (50)

5) V-Plank (60 secs)

6) TRX Tricep Extensions (30)

7) Spiderman Climb (40) (20 ea. side)

8) TRX Single Arm Row (25 ea side)

9) Squat Thrusts (25)

10) TRX Spiderman Push-ups (40) (20 ea side)

Remember – form takes precedence (or some other fancy word that can make me sound really smart). So do all exercises with correct form and rest when your form starts to break down. That includes keeping your abs embraced during the variations of the plank exercise, as well as not letting your hips sag when doing moves such as the suspended push-up. My suggestion is to break things down into smaller “sets”. For example, when performing the Squat Thrusts, you could do a set of 10, rest a little bit, do another set of 8, rest, and then a final set of 7, equaling a total of 25 reps (did I use a calculator to make sure I was correct?… the world will never know.)

Now was the above ridiculous? Sure. But what’s more ridiculous is what I learned in Men’s Health, which is having to do 20,000 crunches to burn 1 lb of belly fat. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than to annihilate my lower back 20,000 times. Let me know how your abs feel the next day without doing a single crunch or sit-up but instead, doing these effective TRX ab exercises. I’m guessing it will feel something like this – imagine a drum line using your abs as a drum, but instead of using drum sticks, they are using 2 x 4’s. You know, something cool like that.

You can do this TRX Ab Challenge anytime and almost anywhere. All you need is a good place to anchor your TRX. When the weather is nice, I say it’s a perfect time to do it outside at your local playground.

Boom goes the upgrade in tanning and chiseled-body dynamite.

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