Bootcamp Workout with Bodyweight Exercises

Just finished up an incredible weekend in San Diego at the 1st ever Turbulence
Training Summit. It was a life-changing event, filled with amazing people,
including several Certified Turbulence Trainers and a one-hour on-stage
interview with Catherine Gordon, the winner of our second ever TT contest.

I'm still buzzing over the great workouts we did and people I met.

The weekend far exceeded my expectations - and those of the attendees.

Today I'm in Evergreen, Colorado at a friend's house, where I just did a
bodyweight workout with their kids, Max (5 years old) and Bella (3 years old).

 We did an old man warmup, prisoner squats, mountain climbers,
hip extensions, breakdancers, stickups, regular squats, planks, and
pushups. About 2 half reps of each. Max said I earned my money. Good times

But let me give you the rundown of the big TT weekend...

Friday morning we kicked off with two bootcamp workouts, using towels for
manual resistance in a TT Metabolic Resistance Training session. It was
awesome, but Saturday's workout was even better...full details below.

After a quick breakfast of an omelet with spinach and a side of fresh fruit,
we kicked off the main seminar at 9:30 where I shared my goal of the 1 Million
Transformation Mission.

I spent the rest of the day - with the help of Certified Turbulence Trainer
Chris Lopez - explaining the secrets of my TT Metabolic Resistance Training
workouts, TT Abs sessions, TT Bodyweight Cardio, and interval training options.

At night, following a Turbulence Training team meeting with my crew of Lesa (our
customer service leader), Dan (TT workout video filming and editing), and Amy (my
right hand gal), we had a massive reception and a little party-party for all seminar
attendees. I was humbled by the folks who had traveled from as far as the Gold Coast
of Australian and Manchester, England just to learn the TT workout secrets.

By midnight (3am EST!) I was exhausted, but was up 5 hours later to prepare for another
bootcamp workout. And it was a doozy. It shall forever be known as...

"The Legendary TT Summit Metabolic Conditioning Bootcamp Workout"

It started with a warm-up of:

Arm Crosses (aka 'Ballantynes')
Prisoner Squat
Mountain Climber
Touchdown Lunge
Off-set Pushup
Spiderman Climb
Side Shuffle

Then into our tough strength superset/triset:

1A) Elevated Pushups or Spiderman Climb Pushup
1B) 1-leg Deadlift or 1 & 1/2 rep Split Squat
1C) (If we had a TRX, we'd have done a row there too)

Next we started into Metabolic Conditioning Training

- Burpees (30 seconds)
- Diagonal Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Plank to Triceps Extension (30 seconds) 

(Everyone clapped after that one...they loved the plank to
triceps was new to a lot of folks.)

Then another superset:

- Jumping Jacks
- Slow pushups (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down)

Then a triset:

- Burpees (20 seconds)
- Prisoner Lunges (30 seconds)
- Bodyweight Squats using the 20 second reps, 10 second hold (AWESOMENESS!)

And then - yes, there was more and then - we did a Fantastic 400 Conditioning Session:

10 exercises, 40 seconds per exercise:

- Jumping Jacks
- Run in Place
- Total Body Extension
- Split Shuffle
- Mountain Climber
- Bodyweight Squat
- Seal Jumps
- Sumo Squat
- Alternating Lunges
- Pushups


Finally, that was it. My legs were tired all day long.

After, Chris Lopez, Certified Turbulence Trainer taught kettlebell exercises
to the group, then we all went for breakfast and returned for what might
have been the most powerful hour of the seminar...

The Transformation Success Interview with Catherine Gordon, the amazing
woman who won the 2nd ever TT Transformation Contest.

Catherine wow'd the crowd. She is amazing. She inspired the trainers
and she inspired me. 

For the rest of the day, we talked about the Turbulence Training 1 Million
Mission. I'd love for you to hear about it too here:


Let me know what you think,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - If you are interested in joining our Turbulence Training Certification and
1 Million Mission...

...we'd love to have you.

Find out how you can join the first 50 here:


You'd be helping me achieve one of my biggest life goals and for that I would be
eternally grateful.

4 Responses to “Bootcamp Workout with Bodyweight Exercises”

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Craig – I just left a similar question on your discussion forum, so sorry for the multiple attempts. You can disregard one (or both I guess 🙂

    Great looking bootcamp workout. My question is: do you do any of the supersets or trisets more than once? Or are then one time only? I know the bodyweight squats with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest are good on multiple rounds.



    • workoutm says:

      Yes, we did a few of these for multiple sets, but we were limited by time. It really depends on the fitness level of the attendee as well. The people I was training were all fit trainers, so we pushed hard. But even then, just two rounds of the BW squats (20/10) was enough by the time we got to them.


  2. Jim says:


  3. Helen H says:

    Hi Craig,
    I have just finished this workout, I wasnt sure of the reps of some of the exercises so I went with 10 reps & did one round with zero rest time between moves. It took me 19 minutes….my legs are shaking and so are my arms & chest, I thought my heart was gonna pop out of my neck! Awesome stuff… wasn’t until I had finished that I thought perhaps I should have had a 10sec pause between the final 10 exercises…..should I aim for two rounds of the circuit do you think?

    ps; I am almost 42 and very fit,I have been working out since I was 16 & always push myself to my limit.
    I am about to start my Cert IV in Fitness so I can become a personal trainer….

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