The Vegas Metabolic Workout

I went to Las Vegas for the first time this past weekend, and I did my first “Vegas Metabolic Workout”.  There will be more on that later.

My clients and friends tried to tell me what to expect, but when I arrived, my mind was blown.  As soon as I stepped into the airport, you see slot machines.  I thought to myself, “really?”  As far as I’m aware, Vegas is the only place where you can say a sentence like, “I went for a walk and passed two storm troopers, three hookers and ten drunk skateboarders… within minutes of each other” True story.

Hard Rock Gym Metabolic Workout

Once I got there, I decided perhaps the gym was hopefully normal.  It was an off day for me, but I thought why not do a quick metabolic workout in the Hard Rock Hotel gym.  That would shake off the lethargic feeling I had from flying in from Atlanta.

When you use their gym, they ask you for your photo ID.  My driver’s license still has my “fat boy” photo (I keep that as a reminder of how far I have come), so I always get that second look.  I sometimes like to jack with them and say stuff like, “Yeah, that’s me.  I was just really bloated that day” or when they say, “Wow”, I like to reply with, “What?  I don’t get it… are you saying I was fat?”.  Then they start to feel all guilty.  So I just point and laugh at them.  Then I feel guilty and just say, “yeah, I lost some weight”.  Then it’s just really awkward so we move on with our day.

I’ve recently fallen in love with metabolic workouts because the rest periods are short between exercises and between the supersets and circuits.  You can knock one out in 20 minutes.  Here is what I did and what I call the “Vegas Metabolic Workout”.  I call it that because it was a metabolic workout and I was in Vegas.  Sometimes, I blow my own mind on how much of a genius I am.  Haha.

Do the following circuit four times, resting for 1 minute between circuits.  Try not to rest between exercises, but take breaks when needed.

1)      DB Swings (20)

2)      Decline Push-ups (15)

3)      DB Piston Row (10 ea)

4)      Bodyweight Bulgarian Squats (1-1/2 rep style) (8 ea leg)

5)      Elevated Push-ups (using a DB standing on its end) (8 ea)

6)      DB Swings (20)

No metabolic finisher needed after this one.  I was saving that for the next day.

Why did I perform DB Swings twice in the same circuit?  Because DB Swings are awesome, that’s why.  Seriously, I love KB/DB Swings because you get so much bang for your buck in one exercise.  If done right, you work a lot of muscle at one time with that move, burning lots of calories.

It only took me about 30 minutes to get in and out of the gym, and that included a warm-up.  Metabolic workouts rock.

I was impressed with the equipment available for a hotel gym.  They had stability balls, ab wheels, resistance bands, and my favorite, some space for you to perform bodyweight exercises.  I knew I would need that for my metabolic finisher the next day.  But in the meantime, I was ready to shower so I headed out of the gym and to my room.

I saw all kinds of humans (at least I think they were).  Some were dressed like Elvis, and some women were wearing skirts so short, I thought, “why don’t you just go out naked?”.  I’m just glad I didn’t say that out loud.

I was pumped up about the info I came to learn in Vegas.  I knew I wanted to be focused and sharp for the first full day, so I started the next day with an early morning workout ending with a metabolic finisher.

A strength workout followed by a metabolic finisher = a jacked up metabolism (and I mean that in a good way).  So in essence, you can call this workout a metabolic workout, too.  I followed Craig’s Metabolic Finishers TT program and it was Workout C.

The first strength circuit was the DB split squat, DB push press and the stability ball jackknife plank (since it was a little busy, I was nice enough to free up a bench by just performing the stability ball plank – I’m a cool kid like that).  The next strength circuit was the DB Romanian deadlift, decline push-ups, and the side plank with a DB lateral raise.  Just after the strength workout alone, I was almost angry.  But I had to mentally prepare for my favorite part of any workout – the metabolic finisher.

I gave Craig’s metabolic finisher a go, and it was a bodyweight circuit of the narrow stance squat, alternating prisoner lunges, close-grip push-ups, total body extensions and jumping jacks.  By the end, my shirt was wet and my body was spent.  The metabolic workout kicked my arse (say that word like Alwyn Cosgrove – trust me, it will be awesome).

Even with the main strength workout and metabolic finisher, I was in and out of the gym in about 45 minutes, including my warm-up.  However, I looked like I had been working out for hours.  That’s why metabolic workouts are so effective.  You get so much accomplished in a little bit of time.  Dare I say:

Boom goes the “calorie-burning efficiency” dynamite?

C’mon, you knew it was coming.  It was just a matter of time.

So let’s gather around in a big circle. What did we learn kids?

We learned that you can burn fat in just a little bit of time with metabolic workouts using properly structured non-competing circuits.  I say “properly structured” circuits because you can’t just hit the gym and do a random circuit.  For example, don’t hit the gym and start off a circuit of crunches, bicep curls, and leg extensions, then go into squats, rows and Romanian deadlifts.  That’s like standing on the sidewalk in Vegas dressed up as Chewbacca.  It just doesn’t make sense (by the way, another true story).

P.S.  My out-of-breath reaction to the TT Metabolic Finishers Program can be seen in a Vegas elevator here

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Finish Strong,
Mike Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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