The Triangle of Fat Loss

We all understand that by changing our diet and consistently following a challenging workout program, we will achieve weight loss. A delicate balance of calories in versus calories out will whittle our waists, while resistance and fat burning workouts will alter our shape and body composition.

Often overlooked and underestimated is a third component that is just as important. Social support may be as much a contributing factor to losing weight as diet and exercise. All three components work together in equal parts to form what could be considered the triangle of fat loss.

Metabolic Resistance Training

Metabolic resistance training, or MRT, is an intense, butt kicking, full body workout designed to build and strengthen muscle while simultaneously burning fat. The workload is tough but the results are amazing. Combining MRT with proper nutrition and the necessary social support is the most effective way to get beach body results.

Each metabolic resistance training workout is designed to train the whole body. Compound exercises are performed, using sufficient weight and incomplete recovery between sets. This method creates a muscle building stimulus and pushes the anaerobic threshold, inducing fat burning and hormone stimulation.

MRT workouts are not for the faint of heart; they are for those that are seeking serious results from their training program. The energy that is required to complete a workout like this is massive, sending you in to a fat and calorie burning state for hours on end.

The MRT style of training requires the use of heavier weights in order to stimulate muscle growth. Adding some metabolic conditioning training (MCT) to the latter part of the workout will really burn those muscles out. An MCT workout uses the same full body training principles but with less resistance. Your whole body will be hurting in a hurts-so-good type of way.

Mixing up the MRT and MRC workouts and combining the two is an incredibly effective way to strong, sexy, lean and ripped. You’ll also keep the muscles guessing, avoiding plateaus and boredom. Anabolic hormones will be at an all time high and the fat burning system will become more efficient with each workout.


Proper nutrition is another equal side of the fat loss triangle. You can workout all day long and have the best support system in the world, but if your diet isn’t dialled in, you simply won’t see any results.

Forget about restricting carbs or shunning all sources of fat. That may work in the short term but will leave you feeling fatigued, irritable and malnourished. Balance is key when planning a physique friendly meal plan. Whole foods, complex carbs, lean proteins and lots of heart healthy fats, rich in Omega 3s should be staples of your diet.

Start by eliminating everything refined or processed and all trans fats and sugars from your daily meals and snacks. This is the simplest way to ensure that everything you put in your mouth will be conducive to achieving the body you desire. All you will be left with is whole food, in its natural state.

Food manufacturers want to sell their products. They pay large sums of money to marketing agencies to do so. So many of the so called health foods out there like granola bars or protein bars, are nothing more than glorified candy that has been masked by clever marketing.

A good rule of thumb is to assume that anything that comes in a wrapper, a box, or a bag should be avoided. Also, food that can sit on a shelf, or in the fridge for more than a few months is likely not something you want in your body.

Focus on whole fruits and vegetables as your source of carbohydrates, proteins like chicken breast, fish and lean cuts of beef or bison and healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, avocado and flax. If you choose these types of natural foods, you can’t go wrong.

Social Support

Anyone that has embarked on a weight loss journey or tried to transform his or her physique in any way will tell you it’s a tough job. Of course it’s well worth it, but that doesn’t mean the road is free of potholes. This is why having a great source of social support can make the road a whole lot smoother.

Those that call upon as many resources as possible are far more successful than those that try to do it alone. This side of the fat loss triangle is often neglected, even though it is just as much a contributing factor as diet and exercise.

Surrounding yourself with positive, upbeat people that will encourage your goals and offer their support along the way can make or break you. Enlist your spouse, your friends, children, parents, co-workers or even the barista that makes your coffee if you’re comfortable enough. The more positive reinforcement you can find, the better off you’ll be.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large group of positive, supportive people in our lives. Even if you do, maybe you aren’t comfortable being so open about your plans. If that’s the case, a fantastic form of support can be found online.

Joining an online support program offers many helpful tools and allows you to choose just how much, or how little involvement you’re comfortable with. Many websites offer things like convenient calorie counters, trackers, reminders and goal setting. By far, the most valuable tool is the online forum.

Online forums allow you to converse with all kinds of people that face the same struggles, frustrations and challenges that you do. You can find inspirational stories, share your daily obstacles and receive all kinds of motivation anywhere, anytime.

Changing habits and transforming yourself is not an easy task. Everyone from elite athletes to the average Joe will benefit immensely by receiving positive encouragement and support.

Putting it all Together

247 fat lossImproving our health and physique is not at all one sided. There are three equal components that will feed off each other and contribute to your success or failure. Choose to be successful by incorporating all three sides of the fat loss triangle.

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    Just reading the about the suggested meal combinations, either protein and carbs or protein and fats. If my breakfast is a protein and carb meal, is it still ok to take my fish oil supplements in the morning? Thanks.

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