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Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts Done Right

With metabolic resistance training workouts becoming so popular, it’s important for a fitness expert to explain exactly what these workouts are AND to show you when you’re doing them right and if you are doing them wrong.

Because believe me, somebody, somewhere, is going to do these workouts wrong, and that’s a shame, because metabolic training seems to be the best way to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. And yes, you can build muscle and lose belly fat simultaneously – as long as you have the right workout and nutrition program.

MRT Workouts – Hybrid Total Body Training

A metabolic resistance training workout is a hybrid total body exercise method that focuses on both movements and muscles. You’ll use a variety of movements – including barbell, dumbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight exercises, set schemes, and rep ranges to deplete muscle glycogen and cause moderate – but not extreme – amounts of muscle damage.

Unfortunately, too many inexperienced trainers are going to go crazy with this proven fat loss training system and potentially hurt their clients. I was recently interviewed by Men’s Health magazine and asked for 4 signs that you might be working too hard in your metabolic workouts when trying to get six pack abs. Here are my answers:

1) Blacking out, dizziness, etc. Death is also something you probably want to avoid.

I know that sounds humorous, but I’m not joking. The interviewer at Men’s Health herself had reported doing too much, too soon in her metabolic training, and had issues with dizziness and almost blacked out. This is never the goal of training. You don’t need to do that to burn fat. Train safe.

2) Feeling pain

Discomfort is fine (mandatory, really), but pain is not. Pain likely means you’ve pulled a muscle.

You have to push yourself to get results, and you have to push through discomfort, but if you ever feel any sharp pains during a set, stop immediately, and move on to the next exercise. If the pain persists, end the workout and get a professional to examine you.

3) You’re getting pathetically weaker, chronically injured, and smaller from your workouts. That means you’re training too hard, too often, and without
the right stimulus.

Some folks need to stop playing the hardcore conditioning card all the time, man up, take some rests between sets, and lift heavy weights again.

4) You’re still sore 4 days later from a workout.

That means you’ve done too much volume. Cut back on the number of sets you do by 25-50%. You don’t need to put that much damage on the muscle in order to build muscle or burn calories.

I hear this a lot…in fact, I just received an email from a guy who did a workout and couldn’t bend his arms for 4 days…his liver enzymes were elevated (a sign of extreme muscle damage).

In worst case scenarios, people suffer muscle rhabdomylosis (extreme muscle damage) and that can cause kidney failure because your kidneys are overwhelmed by the byproducts of the muscle damage.

Trainers get sued for this once in a while and need to be smart about their training programs.

Workouts are for adaptation, not annihilation.

On the other hand, some folks don’t exercise hard enough in their fat loss program boot camp workouts. So here are four signs you’re not working hard enough.

1) You’re not sweating a lot

You don’t need to sweat to get strong (and you won’t because you’re rest periods will be long), but if you’re doing metabolic training for fat loss or conditioning, you should have sweat dripping off your head about 10 minutes into the main workout (excludes warm-up time).

2) You feel like you could go for another workout

Unless you’re a UFC fighter, a simple 45-minute metabolic workout should cause more than enough fatigue and stimulus for your goals. If you’re ready to train again, you aren’t working hard enough in your main workout.

3) You’re using a weight or bodyweight exercise that allows you to do 20% (or more) repetitions than what is recommended for your sets. For example, if your program calls for a set of 10, and you can easily do 12 reps or more with the weight or bodyweight exercise you’ve chosen, then you’re not going to get the full metabolic response.

4) You’re resting over a minute between exercises. Metabolic workouts rely on shortened (incomplete) rests between exercises. Long rests are for getting strong, not conditioning.

metabolic resistance training workoutsBottom line: Metabolic resistance training workouts are the best fat loss programs in the world right now. However, you need to do proper workouts.
There’s no point in getting hurt every workout so that you miss a week of training.

You won’t get lean that way – you need consistent, proven, scientifically designed workouts like the
Turbulence Training MRT fat burning system.