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Six Pack Abs

Most people who try to get six pack abs end up with more frustrations than they do actual abs.  After all, how many crunches, situps, and other crazy 6 pack abs exercises have you done?

Maybe you get up first thing in the morning and do fifty or one hundred crunches, or you just keep going till it burns, and weeks later nothing has changed. Or worse, you’re starting to get back pain.

Perhaps you bought a sit-up board or one of those ab flexion gizmos from the infomercials, and you used it for ten or fifteen minutes per day for a month, and still no change. So what gives? Why aren’t all these crunches leading to flat, sexy six pack abs?

Or worse, you’ve invested in a fancy, expensive gym membership, and you go to the gym and try all of those crazy machines – and maybe even 30 minute ab classes. But did you know the ab crunch machine and ab twist machine are two of the most damaging exercises possible for your low back? Did you know the ab exercises being taught in those classes can hurt you? Each repetition could be the one that permanently destroys your low back. Stop doing these immediately.

So what is left? How can you train for six pack abs without crunches? Well, you’ll like the answer. More about that in a minute.

Six Pack Abs – Who Has Them and How?

But first, let’s think about something. When you go to the beach who are the people with six pack abs? These people tend to fall into one of 3 categories. First, it’s the athletes. Guys and gals who play sports at high-intensities (big hint on getting abs here) and do all types of movements. They don’t just lie on the ground and crunch. They are sprinting, jumping, and moving their body the way it was meant to be moved. Essentially, they are doing interval training workouts.

Second, the guys at the beach with great abs and lots of muscle to support it are the guys who lift weights but hate doing abs. They might have abs in their metabolic resistance training or bodybuilding program, but once they are done the presses, squats, rows, and curls, they are ready to leave the gym and say, “Oh, I’ll do abs tomorrow”. But tomorrow never comes, and still they have great six pack abs and a sexy beach body.

Finally, one of the most surprising groups of people at the beach with great 6-pack abs are the yoga crowd. But they don’t do abdominal crunches either, or many traditional abs exercises at all. Instead, they focus on what I call total-body ab exercises and they hold plank-type positions for extended periods of time. Eventually they move into some very difficult body control movements. You can add in people who do bootcamp workouts to this list as well, when the bootcamp exercise selection is done right.

Plus, the great thing about yoga guys and gals is that they are serous about their nutrition, and they know diet is the most important component of fat loss. Diet beats exercise every time. For example, if our bodybuilder guy did metabolic resistance training workouts but went to a fast food joint after every workout, then he wouldn’t have six pack abs.

You need diet and some form of resistance training to have sexy six pack abs. And make no mistake about it, yoga is resistance training . It is bodyweight training, and uses some very unique bodyweight exercises that we all can learn from – as do bootcamp workouts.

Heck, even some runners, heaven forbid, have better abs than you. While long, slow, boring cardio is one of the least effective ways to lose fat, some runners are skinny, have a good diet, and do just enough resistance training to have a 4-pack of abs on the beach. But that’s still not the best way to train. You are much better off following this program.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

The first thing you need to do is use a total body metabolic resistance training workout program. This type of training is the latest in scientifically proven fat burning. Based upon decades of experience, plus the most recent fat burning studies, advanced personal trainers have combined bodybuilding with bodyweight exercises and interval training to create the most powerful belly fat burning workouts ever.

You’ll use either supersets of circuit-style resistance training with multiple muscle group exercises, and you’ll even use a modified bodybuilding method to target the muscle’s metabolic machinery. That’s how you’ll burn more calories and lose more fat with metabolic resistance training workouts.

For example, you’ll use a lunge, a press, and a row in a triset. That activates a large portion of the major muscle groups and fat burning hot zones. This tremendous triset also allows you to work intensely in each exercise because your pushing muscles recover during the leg and pulling exercises, and vice versa. It’s the perfect fat burning set-up.

After about 20-25 minutes of metabolic resistance training (which can include dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises) you’ll move on to metabolic finishers or traditional interval training.

Metabolic finishers burn a lot of calories, fast, without doing long, slow, cardio workouts. You don’t need fancy machines. Instead, you can use bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, and even dumbbell and barbell circuits again. You’ll love this type of training compared to traditional ab and cardio workouts that bore you to tears because of their low intensity and monotonous activity.

Now you’re ready for total body ab training to get your six pack abs. But make no mistake, if you want rock hard abs, your workouts do not have to start and end with crunches and situps, or 30 minute ab classes. Those are a waste of your time.

Instead, you just need 5-10 minutes of the best total body abdominal exercises, such as stability ball rollouts, cable abs, hanging knee or leg raises, stability ball planks, stability ball jackknives, TRX fallouts, and barbell rollouts.

In addition, your total body metabolic resistance training workouts will contain many exercises that work your abs hard, such as renegade rows, chin-ups with knee-ups, regular and knee-up pullups, cool pushup variations like spiderman pushups, dumbbell triceps extensions and pullovers, plus many, many more fun exercises.

So if you are dreading doing another crunch on your journey to six pack abs, then this is all good news for you. You can forget about doing long slow cardio and endless crunches.

Instead, switch your workout programs to use metabolic resistance training workouts filled with unique bodyweight exercises, kettlebell exercises, and classic bodybuilder style dumbbell and barbell movements. Add in metabolic finishers and interval training followed by unique total body ab exercises, and that’s how you get 6-pack abs.

six pack abs 6You’ll have the right amount of muscle to go with low body fat on the beach, and then people will be asking you how to get six pack abdominals. Heck, you might even be sporting an 8-pack rather than six pack abs.