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Truth About Max Workouts

I’m not sure what’s in the water up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but that’s where some of the world’s best max workouts, calorie burning, muscle building, nutrition, and interval training research comes from.

Plus, that’s the city where I did my first ever Turbulence Training workout, while I was a graduate student in 1999.

And today, we’ve discovered another workout program sensation from a fitness expert who I was shocked to learn also went to the same University as I did.

Now I’ve never met this guy…and I only stumbled across his workouts online…but after I got his program, I read that he and I shared the same alma mater.

So I interviewed him on the Truth About Max Workouts

His name is Shin Ohtake and we debate 3-day vs 6-day programs, and when to do intervals, and more.

CB: Shin, can you tell us about your background and how you got started with Max Workouts?

Shin Ohtake:
Well I’m a Canuck like yourself Craig and in fact it looks like we even went to the same University, McMaster. But I’m few years older so we wouldn’t have met back then.

Anyway, I’m a former competitive athlete, coach, chiropractic soft tissue therapist, and personal trainer.

As a chiropractor, I specialized in Active Release Technique (ART) — a soft-tissue technique commonly used to treat injuries and speed muscle recovery.

CB: Nice, I try to get ART done at least once a month to help deal with my old sports injuries.

As a chiropractor, I had the opportunity to help treat hundreds of people (including many athletes) with soft tissue injuries that were caused by overtraining.

That’s when I started researching fitness in even more depth. I wanted to find a better training method that would be short in duration (to prevent overuse injuries), but that would be efficient and effective.

Anyway to make a long story short, fast forward a few years of training, research, practical application…yada yada…I found that high intensity interval training, strength training and ircuit training were the 3 most effective training methods in terms of getting lean, burning the most amount of fat and getting
in great shape.

They each had their own individual strengths and benefits, but I also found that combining all 3 of these training methods into one produced even better results.

And that’s the Cliffs Notes version of how I came up with theMax Workouts program.

CB: Interesting, I didn’t know you were a chiropractor. Now TT readers are often asking about the 3-day per week vs 6-day per week schedule. What have you found works best with your program and why do think that’s so?

SO: In my program I divide the weight training workouts and interval cardio workouts on separate days, so I find that 6 days a week works best.

All of the workouts in my program are short and intense (about 20 – 30 minutes in duration) so people can recover quickly and it doesn’t hinder with their next workout.

This also allows them to get into a nice rhythm of doing short, quick and effective workouts on a daily basis, so you look forward to working out as well.

CB: I liked your advice about the 4 exercise everyone must do. Can you tell our readers about them and why those 4 specific movements were chosen?

SO:  The 4 key exercises that I believe everyone must do are: squat, deadlift, press up, pull-up.  They’re the most fundamental exercises that all other, more complex exercises are based on.

So performing them helps you build a stronger core and improve overall strength.  And ultimately it allows you to perform complex exercises at high intensities so you can burn fat and get lean more effectively.

CB: How would you describe your Max Workouts program?

SO: The best way to describe the program would be – short high intensity workouts that gets you lean lean and ripped fast.

CB: Ok, cool. What is your philosophy on core training and what are your favorite exercises for six pack abs?

Shin Ohtake:
My philosophy on core training is that if you want a strong functional core, it’s best to perform functional exercises, like the 4 key exercises I mentioned above.

Getting a six pack and having a strong core are not one in the same.  If you want ripped abs, first and foremost you have to have a good diet and instead of doing “core” specific exercises, you’re much better off doing fat burning workouts to burn your belly fat off.

My favorite exercise would be squat clean to press ups. Although it’s not “core specific” it’s a killer overall exercise that hits your core, activates just about every muscle in your body and really revs up your metabolism so you can burn off more fat!

CB: I notice you use a lot of timed sets in your program. Tell us how that differs in terms of the challenge of the workout and why you like that method.

SO: I love timed sets, because it’s a great way to increase intensity (effort level) and forces you to squeeze in more work in a shorter amount of time which dramatically increases your body’s ability to burn more fat!

It makes working out more efficient and effective by increasing your work capacity.

CB: What are your favorite interval workouts? DO you have a favorite work-to-rest ratio? Favorite equipment?

SO: I don’t have a particular favorite interval workout or a work to rest ratio, but I personally tend to lean towards shorter but more intense work time followed by longer rest periods.

But, it’s important to switch up the interval work-to-rest ratios to keep your body slightly off kilter…or “confused”, as the cliche goes. 😉

My favorite form of intervals is sprinting/running…preferably outside, but if not, on the treadmill.

CB: So simple, but so effective. Thanks for your time Shin, I always appreciate getting the behind-the-scenes look at other high-intensity workout programs.

SO:No problem.

CB: Cool. So dear readers, I encourage you to experiment with the 6-day solution found in Shin’s Max Fat Loss Workouts.

Get started on the 6-day challenge here.

Six days and shorter workouts to max fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – When you train 6 days per week…

…you’ll cut your daily workout time. It’s perfect if you only have 20-30 minutes for your workout.

Get started on the 6-day challenge here.

Let’s get lean.

Check out Shin’s article on Max Workouts at his website here.

He covers the 6 WORST things you can do if you want to ignite your body’s fat-burning.